Why Each Zodiac Isn’t Texting You, Even Though They Miss You
Andrea Piacquadio

Why Each Zodiac Isn’t Texting You, Even Though They Miss You


They like to pretend that they are emotionless, even though they are big softies. It would be too hard to admit how much they miss you (even to themselves).


They’re too stubborn to reach out first, to apologize or admit that they miss you. They’re secretly hoping that you’re the one who caves first.


They are swamped with other things to do. They keep themselves distracted so they don’t have enough time to realize how much they miss you and reach out to you.


They don’t want to bother you. They feel like, if you wanted to hear from them, then you would initiate the conversation. They’re worried about causing you more pain by coming back.


They are terrified of getting ignored by you. They care too much about your opinion, and knowing you want nothing to do with them would kill them.


They keep procrastinating. They feel like now is never the right time. They want to come up with the perfect thing to say at the perfect moment.


They have friends and family who are convincing them to avoid you, reminding them that you parted ways for a reason. Whenever they are tempted to talk to you, their loved ones talk sense into them.


They hold grudges. They aren’t the type to forgive and forget. Even though they might miss you, they know that it isn’t a good idea to talk to you again.


They want to live in the present and forget about the past. They don’t want to dwell on yesterday, so even though they miss you, they’re trying to ignore the urge to reconnect with you.


They’ve deleted your number in order to stop themselves from texting you. Their past self has made it impossible to contact you, even though they’re tempted.


They don’t know how to start a conversation with you. It’s been so long so they aren’t sure where they would even begin. For once in their life, they’re speechless.


They’re scared that you’re going to hurt them again. They don’t want history to repeat itself.