Why Each Zodiac Sign Misses Red Flags In Toxic Partners

Why Each Zodiac Sign Doesn’t See Red Flags In Toxic Partners


You move quickly. By the time you spot the red flags, you’ve already gotten into a relationship with the person.


You hate being alone and get attached to the people you love. You’ll ignore the red flags so you don’t have to say goodbye.


You have trouble seeing your worth, so you’re excited whenever someone shows interest. Initially, you won’t realize that this person is bad for you.


You love the idea of love. You want to be in a good relationship so badly that you’ll ignore any red flags to keep your happiness going as long as possible.


You’re a sucker for attention. When someone is treating you well and showering you with attention, you ignore everything else and enjoy the moment.


You enjoy helping others and giving advice. When you see a red flag, you take it as a challenge because you think you can change the person.


You see the best in everyone. You’re so busy focusing on the beauty in other people that the red flags don’t seem like such a big deal.


You understand you’re flawed, so you feel like it wouldn’t be fair to judge others too harshly for their bad habits and behaviors.


You’re an optimist. You see the potential in others and focus on who they might become, not who they are right now.


You are way too hard on yourself and blame yourself for their behavior. You think you’re the problem, not them.


You can’t stand boring, dull situations. Sometimes, you mistake toxicity for excitement.


You’re a people pleaser. You want to make the other person happy, so you forget about your own happiness.