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Why They’re Hiding Their True Feelings, Based On Their Zodiac Sign


Aries will hide their feelings because they feel vulnerable. Everything about their exterior is curated to present strength, action, and offensive positioning. If there is something that has hurt them or a scenario in which they fear getting hurt, they will hide it behind a shield of confidence only a select few will be able to see through. They really just want someone to tell them it’s okay.


Taurus will butt heads with you long after they’ve forgotten what started the argument in the first place. They’ll hide the fact that they’re sorry and want to make up to save face or try and prove a point. Or maybe, just maybe they want to see your work for their affection. Give in and they’ll stop the act before long.


Gemini will hide their feelings to not let anyone down. They will take on more than they can handle because they have a hard time saying no to anyone. It can become a problem if resentment starts to build, or if burnout sets in quicker than they anticipated. They just want to do and be everything for everyone. Behind it all they want people to ask, rather than assume they can make it happen.


Cancer has a history, even though you’ll only see their low-key, go-with-the-flow exterior. They don’t sweat the small stuff because it pales in comparison to what they’ve had to experience. The reason they don’t bring it up is because they don’t want to rehash or relive those feelings all over again. They want to be seen for how far they’ve come, not the low points they’ve distanced themselves from.


Leo hides their true feelings because they want to be likable. When you have such a large social circle, you can’t be honest about who rubs you the wrong way or who drives you absolutely insane. Everyone is connected through a chain of acquaintances, so they’d rather be friends with everyone than make an accidental enemy. Truthfully they yearn for authentic connections without having to fake pleasantries.


Virgo will hide their true feelings because they’re afraid to ask for love. They have mastered the art of doing things on their own, but when it comes to asking for help or attention, or affection they just freeze up. They will self-sabotage what they really need in order to not ruin their own reputation for independence, but behind it all, they really, really just want a hug.


Libra will hide the adrenaline junkie hiding deep inside themselves because they have such a commitment to responsible behavior. They have a sleep schedule, a healthy diet, a routine that feeds their mind, body, and soul, but what they’re missing is excitement. They don’t trust that side of themselves and worry it’s a little too dangerous. They need someone who can show them that letting loose can be scheduled into their routine.


Scorpio will hide their true feelings because they’re committed to some set of principles that don’t always add up to the outside world. They’ll decide they can’t be with you and keep their feelings “under wraps” so that you won’t be hurt when they choose that obligation over you. They hide the things they think have power over, to cause damage, but they just need to learn that honesty is a form of respect.


Sagittarius will hide their feelings from you when they feel there’s nothing they can do. They’d rather tell a joke than wallow in something they think they can’t fix. To them, it’s all about whether emotions are useful or not, which isn’t the healthiest way to think. If they’re sad, they have to feel their way through those feelings in order to move past them. They just need to know their feelings don’t always need to have a clear purpose.


Capricorn’s work ethic will make them push feelings to the side in pursuit of their goal. If they are tired, worn down, sad, disappointed, or discouraged, they’ll tell themselves “tough beans buddy” and keep plodding through to the finish line. They can be their own toughest critic, and sometimes need to be encouraged to be kinder to themselves. To make the journey enjoyable instead of focusing on the end goal alone.


Aquarius will hide their own feelings if they feel others will benefit from it. It’s people-pleasing 101. Whether it’s who to invite to their own wedding, or where to plan the family vacation, they won’t put their preferences over others. They need to be reminded that there is such a thing as a healthy balance. They don’t need to be a martyr to ensure everyone’s happiness. And their own happiness won’t make everyone miserable.


Pisces will keep anything to themselves that they’re afraid the world will perceive as too “out there.” Maybe it’s an unpopular political belief, or a belief in aliens, or just some Hogwarts fan-fic they’ve been working on for five years. Whatever it is, they feel like the world isn’t ready for the unadulterated version of themselves. All they need is encouragement that uniqueness has value.