Alexander Grey

Why You Keep Finding Love In All The Wrong Places, Based On Your Zodiac + Tarot


Your Card: Justice, reversed

You get into relationships with unbalanced power dynamics. As a lover, you’re extremely generous and big-hearted, and have an unwavering commitment and devotion to your partners. You fall into a pattern where you give more than you receive and the other person doesn’t put in their fair share of emotional—or even financial—effort. You take most of the initiative, making the plans and figuring out the logistics. Sometimes you go for people who don’t respect your needs and make you sacrifice your own personal values, such as your fierce independence and desire for a life outside the relationship. The reversal of Justice also indicates that you have an issue with becoming enamored with dishonest people


Your Card: Five of Pentacles

You’re the ultimate dream lover of the zodiac, Taurus. To be with you is to know loyalty, devotion, affection, stability, tenderness, and romance. You put so much effort into your relationships because once you’ve made up your mind about a person, they become your whole world. Commitment is of utmost importance to you. It’s not something you take lightly, but you tend to give it to those who don’t extend it in return. You look for love in people who make you feel emotionally abandoned, lonely, and unloved. In return for your warmth, they give you coldness and take advantage of your generosity. You need someone who will appreciate your efforts and who can give you the same level of vulnerability. 


Your Card: Five of Swords

You self-sabotage by getting into relationships filled with conflict with people who don’t know how to take accountability. Instead of harmony and balance, love has granted you hostility and tension. Yes, you tend to have a flair for the dramatic, but in romance you desire a lighthearted and mentally stimulating connection—not a stressful one. In the past, you’ve been in relationships where more time is spent “working on them” than actually enjoying them. It can be easy for you to confuse heated arguments and the back-and-forth for passion. On some level it feels exciting, but it isn’t love, Gemini. What you need is a partner who you can easily communicate with and who is willing to talk through things with you and move on from them. 


Your Card: The Magician, reversed

It’s your misfortune to fall in love with people who take advantage of your sensitive nature and manipulate and deceive you. They take you for a sentimental fool just because you try to see the best in people, but you’re not. You may have a tender heart, but you’re strong and clever. More often than not, you can see right through their attempts. Yet, you stay in the name of love, but that isn’t true love, Cancer. Real love will never play on your insecurities, lie to you, or betray your trust. You deserve someone who will always give you clarity and never make you feel uncertain about where you stand or what you mean to them. 


Your Card: Two of Swords, reversed

You light every single room you walk into and effortlessly command the attention of everyone in it. Leo, you are the sun. So, why do you fall for people who dare be hesitant about you? It’s as if you take their resistance and indecisiveness as a challenge. You, out of all people, should know that you shouldn’t have to work for someone to recognize your beauty and worth. If that’s how things begin, then you’re always going to be breaking your back to be seen in the relationship and you’re never going to be prioritized. They will always remain emotionally detached. You shouldn’t have to bend over backwards for anyone’s affection or attention. 


Your Card: Strength, reversed

Codependency has been your issue when it comes to toxic and failed relationships. You love through acts of service. You’re someone who has it together. There comes a point in your relationships where you start figuring out the lives of your partners. You come to their aid for things that they should do themselves. Eventually, they depend on you way too much. Someone you have to “fix” and someone who leaves you drained of all your emotional, mental, and financial resources isn’t someone who will ever give you the kind of love or life you deserve. These inadequate lovers filled with self-doubt are extremely beneath you. 


Your Card: Page of Swords, reversed

You fall for people who play mind games and push you to doubt yourself. They’re cold, uncaring, and constantly disappoint you. You look for love in people who make you feel afraid to express your needs and desires and who don’t hold any respect for your boundaries. A lot of the time, the person you go for is still carrying baggage from their former relationship. So, not only do you feel like you’re competing with people in their present, but also with people in their past. It causes you to bend over backwards trying to mold yourself into their ideal and win their approval. True love doesn’t make you lose yourself, Libra. 


Your Card: The Hanged Man

Love will never force you to sacrifice your values, desires, needs, or boundaries. It’s not sustainable for the relationship or for your mental and emotional well-being. The wrong love has kept you from experiencing what a true fulfilling relationship feels like. The way you love is all-consuming and it’s beautiful, but it has also put your heart in danger. This kind of love should be saved for someone who loves you the same way in return. You deserve an equally devoted and passionate lover who knows that compromise doesn’t mean sacrifice—one who doesn’t limit you or make you feel confined. If you keep waiting on the wrong person to change and turn into who you need them to be, then you’ll never find the right person who’s out there waiting to find you. 


Your Card: Four of Pentacles

You won’t find the right love with people who try to confine you and keep you under their control. They see someone free-spirited and independent and it threatens them, but you don’t need to take on the burden of their insecurities. That’s something they should fix before becoming emotionally involved with anyone. You keep getting into situations where people view you more as a possession than as an individual human being. Their jealousy, clinginess, and deep-seated issues aren’t something you’ll ever be able to change. You need someone who trusts you wholeheartedly, has faith in your relationship, and has no problem with you living your best life. 


Your Card: The Hermit

You keep falling for the wrong people because you try to make it work when they’re just not ready to have the type of relationship that you’re looking for. They can’t meet you where you’re at because they’re focused on other things, like their growth and responsibilities. They need time to be alone and are preoccupied with their own thoughts and healing. It’s not that they don’t see how amazing of a partner that you’d make. It’s just that they know that where they’re at, they can’t be the partner you deserve. So, stop wasting your time hoping and waiting and look for love somewhere else. 


Your Card: Six of Pentacles, reversed

You keep looking for love in people who are only interested in what you have to offer them. They’re well aware that you have a hard time saying no when you really care about somebody, so they abuse your good nature and take and take and take. What they give you in return always comes with expectations and with strings attached. Nothing they do is out of kindness, but always as a means to an end. You try to ignore your suspicions about their motives, but deep down you know that they don’t have good intentions. Aquarius, you need to open yourself up to the possibility of someone who wants you for you and not what you can do for them. 


Your Card: The Devil

Love won’t be found in unhealthy relationships with people who abuse you, Pisces. The Devil signifies self-serving partners who make you feel powerless. You keep looking for love in emotional vampires who drain you and make you forget your beauty and strength. Just when you’ve had enough and are close to walking away, they reel you back in by love bombing you, only to repeat the same toxic cycle. On some level, you become addicted to them, even when they make you feel like the worst version of yourself. Don’t allow yourself to become bound to people with such a selfish disregard. You deserve that fairytale love you’ve always dreamed about.