Why You Should Pay More Attention To Your Ascendant Than Your Sun Sign In Astrology

When people ask you what your sign is, they are usually referring to your sun sign or your life path. But what most of us miss is one of the most important aspects of our chart, and that is our rising sign or our ascendant. Don’t get me wrong, every single minute detail of your chart holds great significance. It’s like your unique fingerprint from the cosmos; however, the ascendent is your life theme. Your ascendant sign is how you show up in the world, your appearance, and usually your perception of self. By having a clearer understanding of this aspect in your astrology, you will be able to better process how other people perceive you and the life lessons you will have to navigate in this lifetime.

Aries Rising/Ascendant

This is big you-know-what energy. You could have the most chill astrological chart of all time, but you will still always have a competitive edge. Aries risings usually have very athletic and strong features. This sign is associated with the first house, which is all about the self, so you may tend to put yourself first. The key is to find balance and someone who helps you consider the needs of others. So go find yourself some Libra energy.

Your life theme is teaching you to exercise healthy assertiveness.

Taurus Rising/Ascendant

This rising sign uses their common sense and is very in tune with their body. Taurus ascendants are sturdy and have attractive facial features. You like the finer things in life and are very sensual. Taurus rising is the most stubborn sign, and that is an understatement. Pleasure and security are your top priority, so it will be most beneficial to have a Scorpio in your life that can show you how to enjoy transformation and the process of being a human, but not at the expense of your soul’s growth.

Your life theme is teaching you to enjoy the human experience in a meaningful way.

Gemini Rising/Ascendant

Your life is guided by logic. Gemini risings will crave mental stimulation and need to constantly feed their mind. This ascendant is usually slim and tall and physically gives off good vibes. You are great at communicating and can be an overthinker, but your downfall is having the attention span of a goldfish. To go deeper and find more meaning in life, get some Sagittarius energy in your reality to help you see things from a new perspective.

Your life theme is teaching you to communicate your wisdom.

Cancer Rising/Ascendant

Unlike our Geminis, Cancer risings are ruled by their emotions. This ascendant has softer physical features and usually smaller body types. Learn to trust your intuition, this is like your inner compass. Our feelings can be pretty watery, so when in doubt, make sure you are choosing love over fear. This rising sign emanates mom and dad energy. Don’t let your sensitivity get the best of you though. Find that tough-on-the-outside-but-soft-on-the-inside Capricorn to help you not take everything so personally.

Your life theme is teaching you to be empathetic while still having boundaries.

Leo Rising/Ascendant

This rising sign is ruled by the sun, so it will amplify the energy of your sun sign. To see the full benefits of this, make sure to express yourself authentically and creatively. Just make sure you aren’t letting your ego turn into a domineering attention seeker. Since we know you love words of affirmation, the award for best jawline goes to Leo risings. Aquarian energy can help you consider the needs of the collective and how to express your genuine self out of love, not for attention.

Your life theme is teaching you to help others shine and express themselves.

Virgo Rising/Ascendant

Did someone say high maintenance? We love this perfectionist energy. Virgo risings are all about the details and efficiency. You make it HAPPEN. Virgo ascendants have a boho, easy-going appearance. Your biggest challenge is not allowing your inner critic to become a dictator. Find a Pisces baby to help you throw on some reggae and chill out. There is beauty in your flaws and they are usually the best opportunities for unconditional love.

Your life theme is teaching you not to strive for perfection, but wholeness.

Libra Rising/Ascendant

Libra risings are some of the most attractive in the Zodiac because their features are so symmetrical and balanced. Libra risings are an anomaly. The rising sign is always in the first house, which is focused on the self, but it carries Libra energy, which is always concerned with others. This causes you to derive your sense of self through your relationships with other people. Try not to succumb to people-pleasing behavior. Aries will help you stand up for yourself and be more independent.

Your life theme is teaching you to cultivate a relationship with yourself.

Scorpio Rising/Ascendant

This ascendant sign is another powerhouse due to their penetrating eyes. If you have ever locked eyes with a Scorpio rising, you know what I’m talking about. Scorpio risings are human lie detectors. You can sense something is off from a mile away. Your presence is very intense and can either have a magnetic attracting effect or repel people who do not want you to expose their truths. Taurus energy helps bring this ascendant down to earth and will be their ride or die.

Your life theme is teaching you the beauty of transforming yourself.

Sagittarius Rising/Ascendant

You are just a ray of freaking sunshine. This ascendant is often smiling and full of charm and probably has great hair. Your positivity attracts more positive energy and good fortune into your life. You resilient nomads love adventure and expanding your soul. Be careful not to fly too close to the sun though. Geminis will help keep your feet on the ground and focus on the little things in life.

Your life theme is teaching you to share your higher knowledge.

Capricorn Rising/Ascendant

This ascendant has fine features and is genuinely an old soul. You poor Caps have figurative daddy issues, to say the least. You will always have that internal voice of self-doubt keeping you on the hamster wheel to be better, faster, and stronger. You command respect and give off role model vibes. Cancer energy will help you get in touch with your feels and have a softer, less intimidating approach.

Your life theme is teaching you to follow your truth instead of status.

Aquarius Rising/Ascendant

Aquarius risings are slim and usually have a hint of seriousness in their appearance. This defiant sign takes a very progressive approach to life. You feel the unquenchable need to stand out from the crowd and blaze your own trail. You are the movers and shakers who love challenging the norm. Your rebellious energy works best with Leo, who teaches you it’s okay to be selfish sometimes.

Your life theme is teaching you to authentically bring about change.

Pisces Rising/Ascendant

Ryan Gosling’s eyes are the perfect example of a Pisces ascendant—can anyone say dreamy!? This ascendant comes into life with an inherent connection to the divine. You can be prone to escapism since your little idealistic selves can have a tough time coping with this dense reality. Virgos will help you create boundaries and develop logic.

Your life theme is teaching you to use your creativity to heal the world.