Megan Ruth / TC Agency

Why Your Partner Will Never Emotionally Fulfill You, Based On Your Zodiac + Tarot


Your Card: Strength, reversed

Your lover will never emotionally fulfill you because you’re with the wrong person. Your relationship is an unhealthy and codependent attachment. There’s emerging controlling behaviors coming from your partner that are making you feel suffocated and trapped. Your relationship will always be mired in their insecurities. In your heart of hearts you know that you deserve more, like a significant other who trusts you wholeheartedly. The person you’re with now is always going to try to exert their power over you. 


Your Card: The Fool

The Fool signifies a couple of reasons as to why you feel like there’s something romantically missing. One is that your relationship was meant to be a short-lived romance and it has already gone past its course. You need to stop trying to make something not meant for your work. If your partner isn’t giving you the commitment you’re asking for now, they never will. 


Your Card: King of Pentacles

You don’t feel emotionally fulfilled in your relationship because a strong foundation is lacking. To make matters worse, deep inside you know that your partner is never going to place the effort, hard work, and dedication it requires to have a stable, healthy, and fulfilling connection. You’re not with someone who is reliable, loyal, or dependable. The affection and devotion you crave won’t come from someone who makes you feel unsupported. 


Your Card: Eight of Swords

Your partner smothers you and makes you feel confined, Cancer. They don’t feel like home to you anymore. This person entirely depends on you for their happiness. It makes you feel like they’re asking too much from you. You’ve tried setting boundaries and communicating the issue, but the more honest you are, the more they suffocate you. A relationship isn’t a sentence or an obligation, you can leave anytime you want Cancer. No promises are being broken when something is no longer serving you or making you happy. 


Your Card: The Chariot, reversed

The reason that you don’t feel emotionally fulfilled in your relationship is because it doesn’t have a future. You’re just delaying the inevitable, Leo. You and your partner are trying to force something that isn’t meant to be. You don’t share the same vision for a future and your values and goals don’t align. Things are better when they occur organically. Love isn’t something you force into creation, Leo. 


Your Card: King of Swords, reversed

You lowered your standards to be in a relationship with this person, Virgo. Your partner is selfish and doesn’t know how to prioritize you and what you have. They constantly fail to respect your boundaries. Your emotional needs aren’t being met and you’re not being heard. This person has no consideration for your happiness and peace. They’re always going to feel cold and distant, and they’re never going to make you feel loved. 


Your Card: Page of Wands, reversed

Your partner is unreliable and incapable of honoring commitment. They’re always going to have a wandering eye and heart, Libra. This is someone who is never going to be certain about what they want. They don’t have what it takes to make you feel emotionally secure in the relationship. This isn’t someone you can trust at the end of the day. They’re always going to make you feel overlooked and undervalued. 


Your Card: Queen of Wands, reversed

You’re with a selfish and demanding lover, Scorpio—one who doesn’t come close to matching your efforts. They’re never going to emotionally fulfill you because they will always make you feel emotionally neglected. Your partner is incapable of meeting your needs and at even making an attempt at understanding them. All they do is take from you—drain your emotions, your energy, your resources, your time, your love. You need to be with someone who is warm, affectionate, devoted, and generous with their love. 


Your Card: Six of Pentacles, reversed

You don’t feel supported by your significant other, Sag. Your efforts will never be reciprocated. This relationship will never emotionally fulfill you because the imbalance in power dynamics that’s there will always exist. You need someone you can depend on who makes you feel seen and appreciated—someone who is grateful for your labor of love. You’re always going to want more than what your current partner is giving you.  


Your Card: Ace of Swords, reversed

The relationship that you’re in now is always going to be mired in conflict. You can’t get on the same page because you have different perspectives and outlooks on life and love. It’s also incredibly difficult for the two of you to have open and honest communication. Any discussion you have turns into a fight. How many painful words have to be spoken for you to finally walk away? You both want very different things. Allow yourselves to find them. 


Your Card: The Moon, reversed

The paranoia you feel in your relationship is something you won’t be able to ever escape unless you end it. Your partner isn’t someone you can trust to stay faithful and honest to you. You can’t be sure that they won’t hurt you. The lies and deception will never stop being unveiled for as long as you two are together. There’s always going to be doubt in your heart because deep down you know you’re never going to get the full truth from them. 


Your Card: Two of Cups, reversed

You can try all you want to look at your relationship through a rose-tinted view, but there’s always going to be that void. This person is never going to make you feel emotionally fulfilled because there will always be unhealthy dynamics and imbalances at play. It’s important to be a couple, but to also develop as individuals. You need a partner who inspires you to grow, who challenges you, and who encourages you to have a life and interests outside your relationship.