Liat Aharoni

Will He Stay With You Forever? How To Know Based On His Zodiac Sign


An Aries boyfriend will tell you he loves you the minute he feels it, but when he wants to be with you forever, he won’t just say it, he’ll show it. He’ll give you all of the attention you could ever want and more. As the relationship progresses and becomes more long-term with time, he doesn’t drift or grow distant, he actually clings closer. He’ll want to be with you all of the time, and he’ll want to do everything together. He’s not trying to scare you away, he just knows that he wants to be with you forever and isn’t shy about it.


When a Taurus boyfriend wants to be with you forever, he’ll ask you questions about the future to reassure him that you want what he wants. When he mentions that he could never handle more than two children, he expects you to give your opinion in return. Taurus boyfriends are practical and traditional and if they realize your wants and needs are different from theirs, they’ll realize even if they want to be with you forever, realistically they can’t because it just won’t work.


When a Gemini boyfriend wants to be with you forever, he’ll finally settle down. The Gemini man can’t handle boredom, he needs excitement and constant adrenaline, but when he meets someone he’s really serious about, someone who has everything he’s been looking for, he will begin to fuel his excitement with this person rather than looking for it in experiences.


When a Cancer boyfriend wants to be with you forever he’ll be his super-traditional self. He’ll ask you what age you see yourself getting married, if at all, and whether or not you want kids, how many, and when. His values are extremely important to him, and most of his values center around family and friends. Guaranteed, a Cancer boyfriend will talk to his parents and yours before asking you any questions that entail life-long commitment, so if you’re wondering whether or not he wants to be with you forever, try squeezing it out of them first. If he’s thinking about marriage or proposals, a Cancer boyfriend won’t give you any hints.


When a Leo boyfriend wants to be with you forever he’ll take full initiative and let you know directly. It will probably come up in casual conversation like it’s no big deal because he’s confident that your response will be a positive one. You’ll be walking the dog or grocery shopping together and he’ll say something like, “We’re going to be together forever,” and you’ll just be there caught off-guard, with nothing left to do but nod along.


When a Virgo boyfriend wants to be with you forever he will most likely try to test your relationship. He inadvertently attempts to self-sabotage because deep down he doesn’t think he’s good enough for you. When you continue to stick around through the hard times, he’ll realize he is deserving of love, especially your love.


When a Libra boyfriend wants to be with you forever he’ll begin to become more comfortable with the idea of being alone. This sounds like a complete contradiction, but the Libra boyfriend is terrified of loneliness. When he finds the person he wants to be with forever, he begins to realize the difference between actually being alone and feeling lonely. He’s a serial monogamist because he thinks if you’re in a relationship you’ll never feel lonely, but you can feel lonely if you’re in a relationship with the wrong person. When he finds his forever person, he’s comfortable enough to survive without them, he just hopes that never has to happen.


When a Scorpio boyfriend wants to be with you forever he openly and completely trusts you. He doesn’t snoop through your phone while you’re in the other room. He doesn’t text you every other minute while you’re out with your friends. He doesn’t ask where you’ve been when you come home 30 minutes later than the time you said you would. He has complete confidence in you and your relationship, and your ability to remain faithful. No questions asked. No suspicions implied.


When a Sagittarius boyfriend wants to be with you forever he stops needing change. He thrives in changing environments and becomes antsy when things get monotonous, but when he finds his forever person he wants change alongside this person, he wants to grow and change together. He no longer wants to pack up and fly across the world alone, he wants to do it with you.


When a Capricorn boyfriend wants to be with you forever he’ll talk to you about his feelings and emotions. It’s really hard for a Capricorn man to open up, especially about ~feelings~. When he cries in front of you, it’s basically him saying he trusts you with his life and everything in it.


When an Aquarius boyfriend wants to be with you forever he begins to meet you halfway on things. Compromising is hard for the Aquarius man, and he doesn’t just give up on the things that are important to him. When he finds his forever person, he views compromising more as a balancing act, and less as forfeiting his wants and needs.


When a Pisces boyfriend wants to be with you forever he’ll be extravagantly romantic. He will write you poems, sing you love songs, leave you little notes all around the house that explain how much you mean to him. He expresses his emotions artistically, and when he wants to be with you forever, you’ll basically become his muse and inspiration.