Jasmin Chew

You Aren’t Lost, You’re Exactly Where You’re Meant To Be

There are times in this messy existence that we feel as though the wind has come and stripped us of all we ever knew. The things that had framed the path ahead, the beliefs that built our reality, are suddenly pulled out from under us. What you were so sure was meant to be might not have been. That which seemed so clear is now shadowed in uncertainty and self-doubt. You may be questioning everything, including yourself.

I know that at this time, it is so easy to feel lost. Like the days ahead all wash into a sea of unknowns, folding under waves and currents. You’ve lost control over what is and what isn’t. In the face of endless decisions, you feel as though you’ve been rendered directionless. 

But I encourage you to consider that maybe, you were never lost at all. 

Being lost suggests that you have strayed from the path. You read the map wrong, followed a false trail, and ended up at the wrong destination. Because you thought someone was different than they were. Believed a few pretty lies and soon felt their bite. Maybe you took that leap of faith and it fell through. Put everything on the line and watched it break. 

Mistakes were made, hearts were hurt. Places once familiar became foreign. 

The tendency to feel lost creates this narrative that you are somewhere other than where you should be.

But let me assure you: You are exactly where you are meant to be.

It may not look the way you expected it to. Life rarely does. There might be more discomfort, more uncertainty, more heartache than what you thought this would involve. Things could be slower than what you had hoped. But this doesn’t mean that you’ve lost track. This doesn’t mean that you are now sitting with the fallout from your failures. 

I’ll remind you again: You are exactly where you are meant to be.

I know how hard it is to let go of the things we hang our heart on. To accept that what we saw as forever was only for now. To surrender to the dismantling of those deep hopes. Those desires that are in themselves so fragile, so vulnerable, that we’re terrified of seeing them break. Letting go of where you had envisioned yourself to be and welcoming where you are now. These are not easy things. You are allowed to mourn. You are allowed to grieve. Process these losses deeply and sensitively, wholly and intentionally. 

For it is in these spaces of tenderness that growth happens. It is in this tension between the light and dark that healing can take place. Sometimes the building needs to come down to start new. To see the breaks in the foundation; the cracks that made it vulnerable. Sometimes we don’t see the damage that’s been done to us until we’re sitting in the debris. And so, isn’t this a wonderful opportunity? To reevaluate. To rebuild. To know what makes us strong and what (or who) lets us down. I can promise you that you always build it better the second time around.  

You are not lost. 

You are not misplaced.

You are not behind.

You are exactly where you are meant to be.

You’re growing.

You’re learning.

You’re rebuilding. 

So don’t rush it. Don’t look for a quick and easy fix. Life may not look the way you had anticipated it, but don’t let that stop you from seeing the beauty of where you are now.