You Don’t Need To Start A New Path, You Need To Believe In The Path You’re Already On

There are many routes to a destination. We tell ourselves we need to change course instead of staying on the path we’re already on.

I know you’ve been working on your passion project for what seems like forever. Or maybe you’re just starting and feel so discombobulated you don’t know what to do next.

You’re on the right track.

Sometimes we’re ready to give up when we must move forward. We need to break through the barriers of resistance to find flow. We don’t stick to anything long enough to see if it works. Your desires are not a mistake.

You didn’t anticipate that forming your ideas into reality would be this challenging, yet you can’t imagine doing anything else. You think everyone’s going to find out you’re a fraud. That maybe you’re aiming too high.

“Maybe I should try something else.” How many times have you said this? How many times have you changed course? It’s okay if you’re still figuring out what works for you, but please don’t confuse this with quitting. Your pursuit is the labor of your heart. Down to your bones, you know it. 

We attempt our goals for a few weeks or months, then quit. We romanticize the success stories of our heroes. Our heroes were dedicated to their process. Our heroes believed in themselves. Our heroes faced doubts, obstacles, and dark days. They kept going. 

Consistency means focusing on what you feel called to do, then creating routines around your calling. Your purpose isn’t necessarily a concrete skill. It might be more inconspicuous, like your authenticity, the way you connect with people, or your empathy. Package that shit and serve the world. You refine your purpose by intersecting three aspects,

1. What you do well

2. What sparks passion (even on the days you don’t feel like it) 

3. And what the world needs 

Maintain your long-term vision. Understand your intention for creating. It’s about repeating the same actions until they work their rhythm into your life. It’s about gaining feedback, tweaking minor points, and adjusting inconsistencies. It’s not about starting a brand new project or giving up on yourself. 

Please be patient with yourself. Even God took His time creating when he didn’t need to. Becoming is an undertaking. Be kind to yourself. Decide to be in the process for the long haul. Don’t create overreaching expectations that lead to disappointments. 

Yes, you need ambition, but don’t push yourself over the mental edge. I know you eat, sleep and breathe this work. Breathe. Look up, look around. Touch all that is around you. Those were once ideas too. 

Believe in yourself. You won’t have all the answers. You won’t be perfect, but that’s not an indication of failure. You fail when you decide to. Believing in yourself takes risk. It means maintaining a vision for yourself when others give up on you. People project their doubts on you because they gave up on their dreams long ago. Don’t do the same. Do not listen.

Stay on course. Consistency allows you to create value. You become the person who shows up. You become the person who delivers. You become the person who continually improves their craft.  

You need to stay where you are. Your tribe will find you. You don’t need to do any fancy work or flash any signs. They will find you. He will find you. She will find you. They will recognize you, just as you are.

You were made for this. I can feel it in my bones, and you can feel it too. What you’ve given out will come back to you. Watch and see how everything comes together. Watch and see how you meet the right people at the right time. Watch and see how your struggles become your success story. Believe in your vision and keep going.