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You Don’t Want To Go On A First Date With These 3 Zodiac Signs

Everyone knows the phrase “you never get a chance to make a first impression”—a saying that directly applies to certain important events like a job interview, the first day of school, or a first date. In many ways, a successful first date is the cornerstone of any meaningful relationship, establishing a rapport between two people who possess obvious romantic chemistry. With certain zodiac signs, however, a first date can make for something of an ordeal, often leading them to make the exact opposite of a favorable first impression.


As one of the most withdrawn signs in the zodiac, you’re used to observing conversations rather than actually partaking in them. A profound deep-thinker in every aspect of life, you absolutely despise small talk, viewing such conversational topics as the weather, new movies, or summer vacation plans as trivial matters not worthy of discussion. If a topic is not of interest to you (and most of them aren’t), you’d rather lax into a comfortable silence, preferring to keep quiet rather than wasting your breath on idle chatter. As a result, you’re likely to find a first date’s main talking points–including their job, family history, and past relationships–as exciting as wallpaper.


Whereas Scorpios have a hard time voicing their thoughts aloud, you, Aries, never seem to stop talking. Dominating the conversation with an unending barrage of stories, you have difficulty allowing your date to get a word in. Anytime a momentary silence settles over your dialogue, you feel uneasy, instinctively plugging in yet another humorous anecdote involving your mischievous pet or an embarrassing mishap at work. Fiercely opinionated in everything from global politics to Beyoncé’s latest album, once you get rolling in a conversation, it can be difficult for you to permit your date to express their own thoughts and feelings for the topic at hand.


In your mind, the first date is everything–the start of a romantic comedy you’re already playing in your mind. Due to your romanticized world view, you’re probably already envisioning yourself and your date settling down the minute you shake hands, flashing through a mental montage of wedding rings, newly-adopted puppies, and an idyllic dream house by the beach. Falling into archetypal roles easily, you feel a pressure to behave as your date expects you to behave, often making up little white lies in order to appear more “interesting.” You have difficulty expressing your true self, preferring to appear as someone you’re not, all for the sake of getting your date’s attention.