You’ll Never Enjoy The Single Life Until You Accept These 7 Truths

You’ll Never Enjoy The Single Life Until You Accept These 7 Truths

Relationships can contribute to your overall happiness, but they won’t magically make your problems disappear. Maybe you’re unhappy about your single status, but you would also be unhappy if you were in a relationship where you felt unfulfilled in your career or wished you had more friends. Relationships can be important, but so many other factors contribute to your overall sense of happiness. Make sure you’re not so focused on love that you forget about all the other beautiful pieces of your existence.

Timelines are imaginary and trying too hard to stick to them will only cause disappointment. It’s wonderful if you’ve set goals for yourself. But make sure those goals are within your control. You can set a goal to message a certain amount of people on dating apps or go out a certain amount of times per month — but you can’t control whether you cross paths with the perfect person for you or get a proposal by the end of the year. Make sure your goals are something you are in charge of.

You don’t have to spend every waking moment of your single life searching for love. Love doesn’t have to be the center of your universe. Don’t let anyone pressure you into settling down before you’re ready. If you’re interested in a relationship, you should never be embarrassed about shooting your shot and signing up for every dating app under the sun. But if you’re okay being on your own, then don’t bother downloading those apps. Basically, do what your heart is pulling you to do, not what society or your friends or family are hoping you’ll do.

You’re lovable, and the proof is all around you. You’re not in a relationship, but there are plenty of people who are absolutely obsessed with you. They adore you. They would do anything for you. So don’t you dare wonder whether or not you’re lovable. You already have proof that you are. 

The single life is stressful, but so are relationships. Your friends in relationships aren’t living picture-perfect lives. They have problems, too. Maybe the issue is with their partner and they’re planning to break up soon or maybe it has nothing to do with their relationship at all. Either way, there’s still some sort of stress. There’s no sense in comparing yourself to others because they probably aren’t being transparent about everything they’re going through. The worst problems usually stay private.

You could meet your perfect person anywhere. Love is tricky because it’s so unpredictable. You never know whether you’ll meet your next crush by choosing to spend your night at the bar with some friends or by going out grocery shopping with your parents. All you can do is stay open and enjoy yourself. 

You are worthy, with or without a relationship. You are beautiful. You are intelligent. You are thoughtful and kind and courageous. Dating someone or getting dumped by someone doesn’t change that. You’re still the same person. You still have the same amount of value. Your relationship status doesn’t change anything except… your relationship status.