Sheng Ye

Your Horoscope For Today: Sunday, May 12, 2024

The moon is firmly in Cancer at the 11th degree today, which may bring celestial guidance and divine inspiration to signs closely connected with the moon or signs who are highly intuitive. The moon is still waxing today, so the inspiration and messages you receive are likely to be about potential new opportunities and could signify new growth for you in the immediate future. Be on the lookout for subconscious messages or dreams with omens in them, as this could be the beginning of the guidance you will receive today. 

Mars in Aries has moved into the 8th degree; be ready for a total intuitive restoration today. If you have been meaning to do inner work or are hoping to make progress processing something, you may find today to be a good time to begin this work. With Pluto still in Aquarius, this work may be difficult to start but intensely beneficial later on.

For signs who are hoping to avoid emotional work and keep their head down today, the feelings you are presented with may be unavoidable. Self-reflection and communication with yourself—especially via written communication, such as journaling—are key. You may also find yourself aided by spiritual practices or by seeking divine guidance, especially practices associated with the moon. 


Aries, your sign is likely to experience a significant need for inner reflection today. This may come as a surprise to you, especially as this season with Mars in Aries is bringing you strength and confidence. If you’ve recently noticed any emotional buildup, frustration related to work or personal projects, miscommunication with others that should have had an easy resolution, or small mistakes you wouldn’t normally make, these are all signs that have been leading up to this day of self-reflection for you. Engaging in body-focused practices such as meditation and yoga may benefit your sign today. Take extra precautions when communicating with others, especially via technology. 


Taurus, the Sun is the strongest planet you’ll receive influence from today, but note that Venus may inflict powerful control over your social relationships and decision-making. For you, Taurus, this is not always a negative; you may find that your relationships flourish with a little extra loving attention. You may also find yourself acting more impulsively than usual, especially when it comes to financial decisions related to the home. Reign these impulses in until the desire to spend no longer comes from a place of urgency. 


Gemini, it’s possible that you may still be reeling from the moon’s transit out of your sign and into Cancer yesterday. The good news is that today presents you with opportunities for emotional reflection, particularly after the period of growth you may have (even unknowingly) experienced while the moon was in Gemini. You may find it beneficial to reflect out loud today; talking to yourself, someone else, or recording your thoughts may prove especially powerful for you. You may experience difficulty sleeping or the sudden urge to sleep much more than usual; this should not persist for more than a few days. 


Cancer, the moon is at the 11th degree in your sign, making your sensitive and intuitive energies even more powerful than usual. Surrounding yourself with positive emotions and energy is essential to your well-being today. This also means that today may be a good day to avoid conflict—especially with loved ones—and negative energy as much as possible; your empathy will be heightened today, which could make you overly susceptible to negative emotions. This could derail the progress you’ll otherwise achieve via self-reflection today, so engage with others cautiously and kindly. 


Leo, today will present you with a potential opportunity to change something about one of your creative pursuits. This may come in the form of new inspiration or via changes being made to a professional opportunity. Remain diligent in your work and carefully consider the guidance you are given today; changes to your work may require significant reflection, so do not be afraid of seeking out more information if you receive advice from a spiritual or subconscious source.


Virgo, you may notice uncertainty or instability related to spiritual practices or acts of self-care today. If these practices prove frustrating to you, do not shy away from changing course. It’s likely you’ll benefit most from written or typed reflection today. You may notice that today is a good day for reflecting on wider periods of time, such as your growth over the last year or half-year. Lastly, you may notice that your communication skills have been slightly heightened today; you may also find that you are best at resolving conflicts or miscommunication again via written communication.  


Libra, your strength is in your social grace and charm today. You may find yourself with the opportunity to engage in more face-to-face conversations than usual, particularly with someone you’ve been hoping to talk to. However, today you may find it difficult to let go of anything you’ve been working on, even when you need to refocus your work or personal goals. You may feel reluctance and resentment if faced with this challenge. These feelings may be unusual to you, but they should fade quickly. This is also a sign that you may need to put off other tasks such as organizing physical possessions. 


Scorpio, your intuitive reflection will pay off today. You may find completing a longer-term reflection to track your overall growth may be beneficial to you, especially if you have noticed significant improvements in your subconscious state recently. You may find yourself having awoken with a strange dream in the forefront of your mind, or you may experience vivid dreams later tonight. You may want to journal these occurrences if you are able to remember them, as they could provide you with insight into something you’re still struggling to process in your daily life.


Sagittarius, your ruling planet is still in Taurus today. Though you may still retain your usual spontaneity and drive for exploration, you may start to notice a slight shift in your impulses that refocus them more towards your home. Today, your sign is also likely to seek out nature; you may find yourself more comfortable in a pleasant outdoor space, particularly if it is removed from other people. If you find yourself feeling the need to be solitary today, allow yourself to fulfill this need. A quiet period of social rest for you may be in order. 


Capricorn, you will likely benefit from professional reflection today. Your sign tends to reassess your goals with regularity; a spontaneous self-examination may be in order. Focus not just on what your goals are providing you with in terms of financial or professional stability; today’s period of reflection should focus on your own personal satisfaction with your achievements. Examining this now will present you with significant new opportunities later on; today has the potential to open a door for you, Capricorn. 


Pluto is still in retrograde in your sign, Aquarius. Today, you may find problems in your personal life that you have left unaddressed; you may also find yourself in a harsh period of self-reflection. Eventually, this period will lead to significant growth for your sign, but you may not see signs of this growth for some time. As a long period of total transformation for your sign, it’s important for you to consistently dedicate time to self-reflection and questioning; today will present you with a meaningful opportunity to do so. This will help you remain grounded despite the challenges you’ll be faced with today.


Pisces, you may notice that your dreams are more vivid than usual; you may receive messages from your subconscious, although these will not necessarily be easy to decipher. If you have been manifesting something recently, you may also notice signs related to this manifestation directing you towards the right path. Today is also a good day to begin new manifestations or determine new mantras for yourself; your spiritual energy will be heightened today, and your intuitive sense will guide you in the direction of divine guidance—especially from Neptune.