Picnic Fall

Your Ideal Fall Date Night Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Aries are highly competitive beings. They love a good challenge and all things related to recreational sports. Any physical activity or contest is perfect for a fall date night. Attend a football game or battle it out at an arcade.


Taurus is practical and calm by nature. Take a trip to a pumpkin patch or an apple orchard for a quintessential fall date. They’ll appreciate the thoughtful gesture and relaxing day.


Gemini is a social sign. A pub crawl or brewery tour is an excellent date night idea for the fall season. Drinking delicious craft beers while chatting away will win Gemini’s heart.


Cancers are totally cozy creatures. Plan a date at home — cook a meal together and watch a classic rom-com. Cancer will always appreciate feeling safe and comfortable in their space with the person they love most. 


Leos are courageous and bold signs, so a haunted house is a perfect choice for this adrenaline junkie. And if they get scared, it’s just an excuse to hold hands!


Virgo are intellects who appreciate literature and history. A coffee date at a bookstore is an excellent idea for a fall rendezvous. Virgo will feel right at home surrounded by books and good company.  


Libra is easygoing by nature. They tend to go with the flow and avoid planning. Grab a blanket and snacks and head to the park for an outdoor picnic. Libra will appreciate the thoughtful and practical nature of the date.


Scorpio lives for passion and excitement. To be satisfied, they must be mentally and physically stimulated. Get lost in a corn maze together and pick pumpkins at your local farm. This allows for a memorable one-on-one experience. 


Sagittarius is adventurous by nature, endlessly searching for new experiences. A great fall date involved anything outdoors. Take a hike or hit a ropes course in the woods.


Capricorn loves the finer things in life. They appreciate being wined and dined. Make reservations at a lavish restaurant or see a show for a fall date night.


Aquarians are traditional and classy. They love getting back to the basics. Baking pumpkin-based treats and goodies is a great date night idea for fall. Stop at the grocery store to buy supplies and have a bake-a-thon.


Neptune, the planet of imagination and spirituality, rules Pisces. They’re constantly daydreaming about the future. For a date night, try out a cooking or pottery class together. It’s a great way to get creative and enjoy each other’s company.