Your Romantic Soulmate, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

A romantic soulmate is a soul we are compatible with and connect with very deeply on a physical and emotional level, bringing you closer to long-lasting love. We often travel with and reincarnate with our soulmates through multiple lifetimes, learning powerful life lessons. This is the zodiac sign most likely to be a powerful romantic soulmate for you, based on your zodiac.


Aries, a powerful romantic soulmate for you is a Gemini. You and Gemini thrive in the warmth of your witty and intellectual conversations and fiery passion in the bedroom. With Gemini, life is always an endless adventure, and the bold spark between you two is electrifying. 


Gemini, an ideal romantic soulmate for you is a Sagittarius.  The freedom-loving Sagittarius brings you much peace, laughter, and joy and is compatible with your commitment-avoidant tendencies. Both of you love having the space to pursue your dreams and desires, which ironically bring you even closer together in your connection. 


Your romantic soulmate is likely to be a Cancer. Cancer and you understand and vibe with each other on a soul level and your intense emotional chemistry together allows you both to be both vulnerable with each other without fear or shame. Unlike your previous toxic relationships where your emotions were invalidated, Cancer provides a sense of emotional safety.


Your romantic soulmate can come in the form of an Aries. Your sexual and intellectual chemistry are unmatched, and the amount of fun and trouble you two can get up to as true “partners in crime” is infinite (and should be illegal). You two breathe life into each other and never get tired of sharing wild ideas, attending fun parties, or having swinging-off-the-chandeliers sex. 


A great romantic soulmate for you is a fellow air sign – Libra. The lightness and levity of Libra’s charming personality counteracts your aloofness, and both of you make a dynamic pair when it comes to delighting in life’s sensual pleasures and shared intellectual pursuits.


Your romantic soulmate is likely to be a Sagittarius. Sagittarius brings you out of your shell, seducing you into leaving behind your 9-5 work attire and playing hooky once in a while. With a Sagittarius, you’ll feel called to live it up more and play as hard as you work, making your life exhilarating. This brings tremendous balance to your usual business-like sternness and as a bonus, the sexual chemistry with a Sagittarius is off the charts.


You may have a strong romantic soulmate connection with Virgo – a sign that appears to be your opposite. Yet Virgo’s perfectionism and more reserved nature perfectly complements your unbridled enthusiasm and need to entertain, giving you a delicate balance when you need more direction and refinement in your goals. Virgo is also a loyal, stable partner, someone who differs from those who caused you heartbreak in the past.


An ideal romantic soulmate for you is a Taurus. You and Taurus both share a deep passion for earthly pleasures and inspire each other to greater heights in both transformation and pleasure. With a Taurus, you’ll find both a best friend and a lover. Their love will ground you.


Your romantic soulmate is likely to be a Pisces. You love bringing the sensitive Pisces under your wing, giving them the sense of emotional clarity they’ve always desired in a partner – while Pisces provides the cherishing gaze and adoration that you need to thrive in an ever-lasting romance. 


Cancer, your ideal romantic soulmate can come in the form of a Leo. You and the sensual Leo can develop a deep connection that is sparked by an initial physical interest. Leo’s boldness and bravery inspires you to make drastic and much needed changes in your life, as you learn to balance your emotional sensitivity with more pride and healthy, assertive boundaries in your relationships. 


One of your romantic soulmates is likely to be a Capricorn. Both you and Capricorn get along well when it comes to your pursuit of perfection and success, and both of you share a physical intimacy that transcends just words and touch. You “get” each other just by being in each other’s presence, and this gentleness is unlike any toxic relationship you’ve experienced: it is a nourishing safe place. Your like-mindedness when it comes to both business and the matters of the heart can make you a strong power couple. 


Taurus, your romantic soulmate an Aries. Aries will get you out of your homebody nature and will help you tap into your adventurous side in love. You and Aries will enjoy decadent romantic dates and thrilling nights of passion together. At the same time, you both love cozying up in bed and cuddling throughout the day, finding solace in each other’s arms.