Your Weekly Horoscope For December 10 - December 17

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Your Weekly Horoscope For December 10 – December 17


This week, you’re going to be faced with a challenge you initially feel ill-equipped to handle, but you need to remember that you’ve gotten through worse. You know what you’re doing. You’re more capable and intelligent than you’ve been telling yourself. You’ve got this.


This week, you’re going to feel a burst of nostalgia since the holidays are creeping closer. But you need to remember, just because the past was different doesn’t mean it was better. While it’s nice to look back on warm fuzzy memories with a smile, remember there are reasons to smile today too.


This week, you need to pace yourself. Even though you have a lot on your plate, don’t rush from one problem to another. Don’t panic about how few hours are in the day. You are going to be okay. You are going to make it through.


This week, let yourself feel your messiest emotions. Don’t push them away. Don’t pretend they’re nonexistent or expect them to go away on their own. Examine them. Accept them. And then you’ll be able to move on from them.


This week, try not to make mountains out of molehills. Yes, your feelings are valid and deserve to be felt, but you don’t have to dwell on every little thing that goes wrong. You don’t have to spend hours panicking over things that aren’t going to matter this time next week. Be careful about what you let stress you.


This week, don’t compete with your output from last week (or last month or last year). You don’t have the same energy levels right now. You don’t have to push yourself to achieve the same amount right now. Do your best, and don’t pressure yourself to achieve extra.


This week, give yourself a healthy outlet to release your emotions. Journal. Paint. Sing your heart out. Do something, anything, to get your feelings off your chest so they don’t end up eating you apart.


This week, resist your impulsive urges. Think through the pros and cons before coming to a solid decision. Even though you might be tempted to text your ex or purchase a super expensive present for yourself around this time of year, ask yourself whether it’s the best idea before you follow through.


This week, don’t worry about success. Worry about happiness. Worry about mental health. Even though you care about your career and your reputation, you need to make sure that you feel okay at the end of the day, that you are healthy and happy.


This week, check in on your loved ones because the holidays aren’t easy on everyone. Some people are going to feel extra down or stressed or overwhelmed around this time of year. Remind them that you care about them, that you’re there if they need anything.


This week, remember it’s the thought that counts. You might not be able to afford super expensive gifts for everyone you care about, but you can make them cards or cookies or simply show up when they need you the most. They’ll appreciate that too.


This week, set aside time to unwind. To watch holiday movies and drink hot chocolate and do absolutely nothing productive. Resting shouldn’t feel like a chore. You need to re-learn how to let yourself relax.