Your Weekly Horoscope For March 11 - March 18
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Your Weekly Horoscope For March 11 – March 18


This week, don’t make big decisions when you’re angry. Don’t act too impulsive. Give yourself some time to cool down and think through your options in a calm, rational manner so you don’t end up making a decision that you regret.


This week, focus on happiness more than success or productivity. After you complete your main responsibilities, give yourself permission to relax and have a little fun. Do whatever would feel the most rewarding, not whatever you feel like you’re meant to do.


This week, don’t live your life for others. Don’t allow them to make decisions for you. Don’t arrange your schedule based on what would bring them the most joy or comfort. Worry about yourself for a change. Treat yourself as a priority.


This week, remember that life isn’t always fair. You could do all the right things and still have your heart broken or get fired or fail miserably. Even though you might be struggling right now, it’s not your fault. It doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong.


This week, listen more than you speak. Even though your stories are always entertaining, sometimes it’s better to stay quiet than to add your opinion. Pay close attention to what others are telling you, especially the people you love most of all. Learn from them. Really hear them.


This week, trust that your heart will heal. Don’t rush yourself to move on from a heartbreak or loss. Don’t pressure yourself to get over it already because your emotions are valid. Even though things might be tough right now, you are going to feel okay again. It just won’t happen overnight.


This week, don’t hesitate to ask for what you want. If you never make a certain request, then you’re never going to get it. You need to take initiative. Don’t be embarrassed to advocate for yourself. Saying what you want is the first step toward achieving it.


This week, make mistakes. It’s the only way you’re going to grow and learn. If you’re too scared of failure, then you’re going to unintentionally hold yourself back. So put yourself out there and try new things, even thought there’s a chance you could fail at first.


This week, make every single day meaningful. You can do this by checking in with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while or by working toward completing your goals. Either way, make sure you’re doing at least one little thing per day that makes you feel productive.


This week, embrace your silly side. Stop taking life so seriously. There’s more to this world than work. Even though you have lofty goals, you can’t spend every second working toward achieving them. You need to relax too.


This week, practice forgiveness. At least, when it comes to the little things. Don’t hold small mistakes over other people’s heads because everyone is flawed. We’re all trying our best. If their intentions were pure and they promise to do better moving forward, then there’s no reason to hold a grudge.


This week, remember that people change. Just because you worked well with someone in the past doesn’t mean they deserve to stick around in the future. Sometimes, people outgrow each other. It doesn’t mean either of you did anything wrong. It’s just the way life goes.