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Zodiac Signs Ranked From Great Friends To Noxious Backstabbers


Libra is the peace maker. You hate drama, and you try to keep it out of your friend group at all costs. You can smell a toxic friend from miles away, and you don’t let them into your circle. You make sure your friends are surrounded by peace and love always.


Friends and family before EVERYTHING for Cancers. They are your life, and they mean the world to you. You’d do anything for them, and you support them endlessly no matter what. You’re the friend who always shows up when they need it the most.


One of Scorpios strongest qualities is loyalty. You might be jealous and distrusting, but you will go to hell and back for a friend. You’re the kind of friend who stands up to the backstabbers and tells them to fuck off. When your best friend is heart broken or hurt, you seek revenge on the person who made them feel that way.


Pisces are always willing to help others. You are compassionate and empathetic, and when your friends are in pain, you feel it too. You’re the type of friend to bring them soup when they’re sick, and if you can’t be there for their birthday, you are sure as hell sending them the best gift ever, along with a super sentimental card that hints at some inside joke you know they’ll immediately get. You’re the friend who makes up for it when you can’t be there.


Capricorns are extremely dependable. Your friends can always count on you, and that means the world to them. You want to make sure your friends feel like you care (because you do…like, A LOT). You’re also really good with plans. Your friends know you’ll never be the one to cancel last minute. Even if you really don’t feel like going, you at least make an appearance, which actually makes your friends feel really great.


Tauruses are similar to Capricorns in their reliability. You might not be the most fun friend of the group, but you’ll be there when your friends need you to be. You also serve as the friend who brings the rest of the group back down to earth. When your friend calls saying she’s going to throw a brick through her exes car window, you tell her to put the brick down, go to nearest grocery store, buy a pint of ice cream and a bag of popcorn, and come over to watch Netflix.


Virgos are super detail oriented, and they notice EVERYTHING, but sometimes this causes you to look for problems where there aren’t any. You’re kind and loyal, but you can create drama where it doesn’t belong when you obsess over the most insignificant things. Continue to be loyal, and try not to make assumptions, or draw attention to things that don’t really matter.


The Aquarius flaunts their independence. Sometimes you just like to do things on your own, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but sometimes your friends take it personally. You like to help your friends, and be there for them, but if they’re too needy, you just can’t handle it.


The Sagittarius has an unquenchable curiosity for life. You want to see and do everything, and it’s hard to maintain relationships while doing so. You’re fun and energetic, but your friends don’t exactly depend on you to answer when you call or text. You’re not rude, you’re just busy exploring all this world has to offer.


The Gemini can be a bit two-faced. Your friends are never really sure what they’re going to get with you. You’re either tons of fun to be around, or you’re the Grinch on Christmas morning who cringes at the sound of laughter and cheer. Sometimes your friends walk on eggshells when they’re around you because they’re worried you’ll switch over from the good side to the dark one.


You’re the friend who everyone calls on a Friday night to go out with, but you’re also the friend who never gets introduced to boyfriends. You are energetic, daring, and pretty damn promiscuous, and your friends love that, but they only count on you to have a good time, not to be there for them when they’re sad or serious or just frankly need you for support.


You love yourself, and you’re not ashamed of that. You enjoy being the center of attention, which isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes your friends want to share the spotlight. Your friends get the feeling that they come second because you focus on yourself first, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but when you don’t support them because you’re too self-involved, they feel hurt. Your strength and confidence are your strongest qualities, use them in favor of your friendships.