11 People On The Pettiest Thing An Ex Had The Guts To Do

10 People On The Pettiest Thing An Ex Had The Guts To Do

Some relationships don’t exactly end well. Here are some stories about people who had to deal with a lot of drama after a breakup:

“I found it more hilarious than fucked up, but mine sent me a Happy Mother’s Day card because she said I was the biggest motherfucker in the world.” — athermalwill

“Ex-wife, moved out while I was at basic, took all the spoons in the kitchen. Serving spoons, tea spoons, soup spoons, even measuring spoons. Left all knives, and forks. Honestly, who does that?” — joe3451

“Put me on the mailing and call list for every church group she could find. For two months my phone was blowing up with calls from churches and evangelicals, they wanted money, they wanted to send me bibles and pamphlets. The ones that had my address did send me bibles and pamphlets. Took a lot of patient explaining, and occasionally some frustrated yelling to get myself removed from everything.” — prattastic

“Sent me an album of her with the guy she dumped me for in all the places I took her.” — potato_ships

“Called me at three am so I could hear his three year old crying for me.” — 10207287

“Told an army recruiter that I wanted to join, and got him to come to my house to meet me. Ended up joining, best 6 years of my life! Thanks!” — Smartypantzzzz

“I had a buddy who’s ex, upon breaking up, raced him back to his OWN house, got there first, and then proceeded to lock herself in HIS room for several days. I don’t even think she talked much while there. She would just sneak out at night time to use the bathroom. Buddy’s kind-hearted, Christian parents fed her by sliding flat foods like bologna and pancakes under the door.” — ProgressCheck

“My ex reopened several credit cards that we had jointly but had paid off and closed before divorce. Somehow she opened them back in my name and charged them to the max, then moved out of state and stopped paying her car payment. All of these things ended up getting reported to my credit years later and pretty much ruined any chance I have at decent credit for the next 7-10 years in the US. I’ve been divorced and lived outside the US for 8 years now and only recently found out about all these charges. I know all this can be corrected eventually but the hassle of explaining things to several credit companies and collection agencies is a major pity…” — Permexpat

“My ex, when I was 20, went to my parents and told them everything we did in bed. My dad later pointed out we have some of the same tastes when it comes to sex. Then it just got awkward. I’m glad I have a chill family though.” — jcoa432

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And that was the most fucked up thing. 9 years together, 2 married. One day she tells me she doesn’t love me anymore. A week later I find out she’s seeing another guy. Couple of weeks later it had all fallen apart and she moved out. To go from a position where a part of everything you do is for them, for the both of you to have the best life together you can, sharing everything with each other, to absolute silence. Didn’t want to talk to me, see me or have me contact any of her family. It was like she died there and then. I later found out she had got pregnant with someone else in less than a year after walking out. Sorry it’s not a very exciting story, but to me it was more fucked up being able to do that to someone than any revenge story.” — [deleted]