15 Reminders To Make This September The Best Month Of 2023
Brittani Burns

15 Reminders To Make This September The Best Month Of 2023

It’s impossible to turn back time and warn your younger self about what’s to come. However, you can take advice from others who have been through tough times. Here is the advice some people from Ask Reddit would tell their younger self that could help you on your own journey forward this September:

“I would tell myself ‘you are absolutely lovable and you don’t have to work so hard to get everyone’s approval. It’s exhausting and it causes you to sometimes become the opposite which is absolutely unbearable.’ The minute I stopped being so worried people would stop loving me was the minute I became a better person and people actually showed me more love. Not everyone needs to like you and that’s okay.” — StockKaleidoscope854

“What is your dream? Okay, just because other people got more opportunities than you did doesn’t mean it’s too late for you. You have to do the work yourself or else you will stay feeling stuck. Study/learn what you are passionate about no matter what anyone else says. Time will pass regardless of what you do or don’t do, might as well fill that time with things to enrich and develop yourself as a person.” — dothebork

“Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Asking for help shows strength because you recognize you have a problem and are taking steps to better yourself.” — catmotherofnone

“It’s not my job to save anyone. Helping is fine. Just set and enforce boundaries to protect my own peace better.” — Accomplished-Ask681

“Go to therapy. Even if you feeling pretty good right now you have a lot of shit to sort out. Go. To. Therapy.” — RocketSquid3D

“Don’t let anxiety rob you of what your life could have been.” — surpleg

“It’s perfectly natural to not be liked universally by everyone and it doesn’t make you a bad person. And it’s okay to like what you like, even if it makes you different.” — thinking-downstairs

“Let go of fear, guilt, and shame. Don’t make decisions based on fear. Eliminate everyone who doesn’t make you happy from your life.” — thehighpriestess999

“It’s normal and healthy to gain weight throughout your 20s and it will help prevent bone loss and all sort of health issues as you age!!!” — annasterli

“It’s okay to want to dream of being many things. And it’s okay to be curious and learn. And most importantly, never let the inner child lose her voice.” — Bedhair_zoomies_001

“Don’t take your work too seriously, it can be harmful both to your physical and mental state.” — Ehehehen321

“Put in the extra work to make the better choice. Not the easier choice.” — Moonlightallnight

“Your parents don’t have much of an idea about your career and marital path…create your own.” — jimmyrandhawa

“Don’t look back and don’t give him another chance. Because I was doing well, feeling strong heading in a good direction. Eventually he started to make the same unacceptable mistakes, but now he had messed with my head. So much so that it took me a long long time to leave again.” — Original_Rub_8484

“Choose what makes you happy, regardless of what other people may think of you. Regardless of status.” — Needknowledge2