18 things only cat moms understand
Anna Tello

18 Things Only Cat Moms Understand

“There will be random running for no reason during the night. And they’re louder than you expect a cat to ever be. It’s like a small elephant running down the hall.” — asta29831

“They love carbs. Leave a loaf of bread or tortillas out in the open and they will tear through the packaging and eat a chunk out of it.” — llamainleggings

“They will barf on anything that’s difficult to clean. But never, ever on a tiled floor.” — michigangonzodude

“9 times out of 10, you’ll no longer need an alarm clock. Whether you leave the bedroom door open or not, they WILL find a way to get you up early in the morning to feed them.” — MarioManX1983

“They shed a ton. Hair gets EVERYWHERE in your house. Even if you vacuum everyday, still you find hair everywhere. You have to lint roll your clothes so often.” — GoodAlicia

“Cats can communicate their needs very clearly and I don’t just mean screaming at you to be fed or standing by the back door wanting out. It’s really hard to explain to a non cat owner, but cats are very expressive. You get to know their moods and signals. They are very good at training you.” — LaraH39

“The belly is not necessarily a ‘touch and you die’ zone – you have to earn the trust to see it and the privilege to rub it, which is a specific treat with my cat because she LOVES belly rubs but is avoidant of mostly all people.” — ConfectionersCoffee

“They sometimes register smell through their mouth, so they’ll sniff something/someone/another cat’s butt and then stare at you with their mouth partially open in a most unsettling way.” — YourMothersButtox

“If you have a routine, they will adapt to it. My cat gets upset if we stay up late. He goes to lay in his bed and will meow to tell us it’s bedtime. And the flip side though, if we try to sleep in, he wakes us up when we usually wake up.” — GregorSamsaa

“Cats aren’t as independent and self-sufficient as people expect. They like to follow you around, sit on you or near you. Remember to close the door when you go to the loo or you’ll have a cat staring at you…” — ShineAtom

“A cat will sleep in the same spot in the sun for ten years and then decide, ‘Nope. That spot is DEAD TO ME’ and never go there again.” — lurgi

“They love showing off their buttholes, I have more than a few cats and I constantly have at least one cat butthole in my face at most times.” — Laker701

“When they fall off something they just start washing as if to say nothing’s happened here, move on.” — Dapper_Ad_9761

“They do silly show horse prancing when they think nobody is watching. Cats entertain themselves and it’s quite silly.” — mcjackass

“They have great hearing. Can hear if it is you or someone else opening the front door.” — evzor

“If a cat has a pink nose, the shade of pink changes depending on the weather/temperature.” — ans-myonul

“Cats (like dogs) can sense when you’re not well. I’m currently recovering from sinus surgery and my cat didn’t leave my side for 3 days. Extra affectionate. She also seems to sense that my face is currently off limits to ‘boops’ as she often does. She’s more back to normal behavior now but I had a nice recovery attendant for a few days.” — wanderingstorm

“I’m now a stepdad to two cats. I didn’t expect them to have so many different levels of trust. I’ve noticed every benchmark I’ve reached with them. I remember when they let me touch their paws. I remember when they let me touch their bellies. I remember when they started coming to me when being called. I remember when they started being attracted to my scent and gained a fondness for my computer chair as a result. I feel like I’m unlocking bits and pieces of their love on a monthly basis. I absolutely adore them. Such wonderful gentlemen.” — Yodootz