Joel Sossa

3 Zodiac Signs That Attract Toxic Partners


As a sensitive sign who struggles to set boundaries, you might not be surprised to hear that you can sometimes attract the wrong kinds of partners. Whether you get too invested early on in the relationship or are just too caring to people who don’t care about you, you might find yourself feeling emotionally connected to someone who is trying to create a toxic relationship. This can make it hard for you to feel comfortable dating in the future. 

To avoid this, try setting direct boundaries early on and asking for help from friends and family to hold you accountable. You can practice setting boundaries with (and on) your friends to become more comfortable speaking your mind. Additionally, you may want to set some boundaries for yourself on the support you will and won’t provide to other people as you get to know them. This can help ward off anyone who wants to use you for the care you so lovingly provide to the people you like.


Though you don’t usually have a hard time doing what’s right for yourself, you do sometimes struggle with setting boundaries and discussing conflicts head-on. You’re a natural mediator, which is a huge talent your sign is graced with. However, people who see that can sometimes take it to mean that you’d be easy to manipulate. 

When you find yourself with a partner or date who never lets you get your way, don’t feel shy about withdrawing from a tense situation to plan your next move. Space and time can help you think through a situation (and search for advice when you need it) and might help you feel calmer when addressing an issue. You should also focus on ways to make yourself feel more comfortable when involved with a conflict (even if you didn’t create it)—but if you find yourself agreeing to things just to end a tense situation, practice walking away or cutting arguments short in other ways.


As a sign who’s a romantic at heart and is always searching for your soulmate, you might be prone to anyone who seems to form a deep connection with you early on, gives you romantic gifts, and wants to spend all their free time with you. Though these can seem like good signs at the start of a relationship, they’re also tactics anyone who wants to get you emotionally attached to them might use. This sets you up to be ghosted or entwined in a toxic relationship later on.

Since you’re already interested in finding true love at first sight, you can keep the romance story going without subjecting yourself to toxic relationships by taking things nice and slow. Pull back from anyone who seems to be cruising way too fast (or investing themselves too much at the start of a relationship) and take off those rose-tinted glasses when you think about potential partners. Slowing things down will help to weed out anyone who isn’t genuinely interested in you.