Wesley Davi

3 Zodiacs Who Will Experience Karmic Good Luck This July

We all want good luck, right? It’s the little bit of help to tip the scales in your favor, all without you having to strive for it. Truth is, good luck isn’t as much of an accident as it might seem. With karmic good luck, you’re attracting that wonderful energy by doing good for the world. While we could all use a little karma to fuel our expansion, these three zodiac signs will be particularly attuned to their karmic good luck this July. This summery month is your time to show the universe exactly the kind of person you are–and to get what you deserve in return.


Summer is your time to shine. As the weather gets warmer and the sun comes out in full force, you’ll feel more energy than you’ve had all year. While you often spend your summers doing fun things and having a blast, don’t forget to spread some of that warm energy to others as well. The more lives you touch in a positive way, the better your karmic good luck. By being a good presence for those around you, you’re attracting better things to you as if you’re manifesting a better life.


This is your time to shine. Why? Because we’re entering Leo Season this month. Flipping from Cancer Season to Leo Season, we’re keeping the emotionality of these two signs but going from the watery depths to the crackling fires. As you get closer to your birthday, remember to share some of your sassy, fiery energy with those around you. Don’t just fight for yourself, but fight for others as well. The more people you can defend, the better your karmic good luck.


Your karmic good luck will come from a quieter place this month. While others might make it a part of their personality to help people, you prefer to keep your selflessness to yourself. Instead, you’ll do little things to brighten someone’s day without them even knowing. Or, if they do notice, you’ll insist that they don’t need to thank you, and you’re out of there before they can even try. In July, all that good work will culminate in some stellar karmic good luck.