3 Zodiacs Who Would’ve Thrived In The ‘Bridgerton’ Era

The gowns, the longing glances, the gossip, the saucy experiences behind closed doors–regardless of how accurate Bridgerton is to Regency Era England, it’s a show that makes so many of us wish to find a time machine to project us back to that era. Truth is, not all of us would do well back then. It’s fun to watch on Netflix, but how fun would it truly be to endure the quiet days and constant socializing? To have all eyes on you? For these three zodiac signs, they would have thrived in the Bridgerton era. Are you ready for the ton?


As the zodiac sign who loves attention the most, you would have thrived at the Bridgerton balls. While you may or may not like the brand of drama that a character like Cressida brings, you certainly admire her choosing the flashiest outfits to get the most attention while waiting for someone to ask her to dance. You’d enter every ball with the sole goal of getting the most eyes on you, and you’d love every minute of it.


There are two franchises where your unique brand of broody mysteriousness would thrive: Twilight and Bridgerton. Whether you’d like it or not (but let’s be honest–you’d love it), you’d get the attention of all those looking for a match even if you’re just standing in the corner doing nothing at all. It’s the dark and mysterious nature of a Scorpio to attract everyone around you like an enigmatic magnet.


If anyone in the zodiac is most equipped for the gossip of the ton, it’s you, Pisces. You’re the one most likely to be Lady Whistledown herself. Plus, you’d do amazing just walking through the elaborate gardens in beautiful dresses that match the surrounding flowers. Bridgerton is made for the dreamy Pisces, so you’ll do just fine if you happen upon a time machine that’s gauges are stuck on the Regency Era.