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4 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Drama Of The Friend Group

There are people who hate drama and those who say they hate it. The latter loves to drum up gossip and lives for hearing about all the sordid details. Are you one of them? Read on to see if your zodiac sign is one of the dramatic people of your friend group.


You don’t necessarily like to be in the middle of drama. You don’t want all the gossip to be about you (although it sometimes is because of how impulsive and sometimes quick-to-anger you can be). But as soon as someone mentions they have some juicy news, you’ll set aside your whole weekend just to hear about it. Even if you’re not the one causing the drama, people will still associate you with it because you’re the first person who’s face lights up when it’s happening. Sometimes you like to watch the world burn, just admit it.


You’ll say that you don’t mean to bring the drama. That might be true, but boy does it find you. You’ve got that dramatic Gemini quality, the thing you’re known for: Being a little two-faced. You’ll act one way and then flip on a dime and do the opposite. It either makes you exciting to be around or volatile as hell (or both). This is the type of drama that’s less fun to watch and might mean that you get dropped from the friend group if you let it go unchecked.


Your drama comes from your love of attention. You’re the one getting up to sing a string of karaoke songs every Wednesday night, the one trying to be the center of every conversation. You live for compliments and attention, and sometimes that just naturally translates to drama. It comes from jealousy or annoyance—or people just find your “look at me” vibes tiring sometimes. And if anyone’s going to get stuck at the center of a friendship-ending love triangle, it’s you.


The drama that follows you is almost never any fault of your own. You’re pretty secretive and don’t open up easily. Unfortunately that often translates to people reading your energy wrong and taking your silence for bitchiness. You’ve likely been in at least one situation where people were talking behind your back about how mean you are, when it turns out you didn’t do anything wrong. You’re just the unfortunate victim of other people looking for anyone else to be the drama but them. Maybe it’s time to be a little more vulnerable?