Anna Ilina

4 Zodiacs Who Are On The Path To Manifesting The Love Of Their Life In April

Manifesting is all about intention. It’s the difference between walking through life floating along with the current or willing yourself into a new direction. When it comes to love, you can manifest life-changing romance by thinking about the kind of person you want–and don’t want–and taking measured steps to find them. So, who’s manifesting the love of their life this April? If you’re one of these four zodiac signs, you’re on track to finding your soulmate.


It’s hard to find someone new when you’re always doing the same thing every day–and that’s why you’re on this list. You aren’t much of a “routine” kind of person, which means you put yourself in new locations and scenarios all the time. And, with spring in full swing, you’re even more likely to be out of the house and in the perfect place to find your soulmate. You can make it even more likely that you’ll find the love of your life in April if you set it as an intention. The universe will steer you in the right direction.


While normally you get stuck in your comfort zone–hey, it’s called a comfort zone for a reason–you’ll be stepping out of it more toward the end of April. Why? It’ll be Taurus season! With your birthday coming up and everyone wanting to see you, you’ll be put into the perfect position to find the love of your life. So who is your soulmate going to be? If you put some thought into who they are before you meet them, you’ll not only manifest them to you, but you’ll be more likely to recognize them when they come into your life.


You’re the most romantic and love-focused sign in the zodiac. If you haven’t already found your soulmate, you’re probably already on the hunt for them. You’re no stranger to manifesting love, after all. The odds will be better in your favor this April because it’s spring–the season of budding love. This is the time when you should be out there meeting new people. The love of your life isn’t already in your social circle. You have to put yourself in situations where you’ll meet someone new instead of only seeing the same people.


While you’re one of the signs suffering through this month’s Mercury retrograde, you can rest assured that your love life will be free from its influence. Though you should be careful when it comes to money and your career, you can go full force into your quest to find the love of your life. Ask your friends to set you up, throw a singles’ party, visit your favorite coffee shop on the regular. The more you put yourself out there, the more you’ll manifest the kind of love you’ve been looking for.