4 Zodiacs Who Feel Misunderstood This Week (September 18 – 24)

While it’s nice for people to see you, to understand who you are, they aren’t always correct in their assumptions. When people in your life have an irreplaceable image of you in their heads, it can be hard for them to see anything else. Do they really see you at all? For these four zodiac signs, you’ll be feeling particularly misunderstood this week. If only people could see you for who you are deep down.


Are you a perfect person? No, but no one is. You sometimes feel like people are defining you more by your faults than the things that make you an interesting and good person. Sure, you are a little chaotic, and you sometimes swing wildly between moods, but that’s not all you are. This week, you’ll be wishing that people focused on what made you special, like your intense love for your friends or how much fun you make any room you walk into. Know that your true friends see through all the bull and notice the great person you are at heart.


Do you like attention? Sure, within reason. Not all attention is created equal, though. Like almost everyone else, you want your accomplishments and hard work to be noticed. Yet some people in your life have misunderstood this sentiment. They think you’ll look for attention at all costs. That you always need to be the center of everyone’s attention. That’s just not true. You can celebrate the people in your life just fine. In fact, you love putting those you care about on a pedestal when they’ve done something amazing. For you, the spotlight is to be shared, and this week you’re feeling like not everyone gets that about you.


Scorpios are used to people assuming things about them, and that’s certainly the case for you this week. While it’s true that you like to keep at least some of your complicated and emotional feelings to yourself, that doesn’t mean you can’t have deep conversations with people. You’re not as mysterious as people like to make you out to be. You just like to keep some things to yourself. Isn’t that normal? This week, some people might be on your case about how much of a closed book you are. There are two ways out of this: Ignore them or open up a bit more. It’s up to you which direction you go.


You’re a hard worker. You’re known for it and it certainly seems to be true. You’re the one insisting on doing everything yourself. You’re the one working late and coming in early, all with a smile on yourself. And self-care? Who is she? Unfortunately, this week you’ll feel misunderstood when people in your life assume that you can keep going on like this without a break. “Give it to the Capricorn. They can handle anything.” While it’s nice that people believe in you, it’s untrue that you’re unbreakable. If you continue to bend under the weight of all these responsibilities, you’ll soon snap.