4 Zodiacs Who Have A Hard Time Accepting Compliments
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4 Zodiacs Who Have A Hard Time Accepting Compliments

Some zodiacs, like Leos and Virgos, love it when others pay them compliments. They can’t hear enough good things about themselves and enjoy the ego boost. But other zodiacs feel differently. Here are some zodiacs who just can’t take a compliment, even when it’s well-deserved:


Even though Cancers are people pleasers who will do anything for their loved ones (and even strangers), they have trouble accepting the same kind of kindness. They are much more comfortable giving than receiving because too much attention makes them uncomfortable. Although they love people, they are secretly cynics who have trouble believing anything nice that is spoken about them. When someone pays them an earnest compliment, they will find a way to brush it off or will turn the situation around to compliment the other person. Their insecurities make it hard for them to accept that the fact that they’re beautiful inside and out – and they deserve to be showered in compliments.


Capricorns are pessimists, but they usually prefer to think of themselves as realists. They don’t want to get their hopes up over nothing, so they try to temper their expectations by keeping their expectations low. That’s why they have trouble believing it when someone compliments them. They assume the situation is too good to be true, that this person is trying to get something out of them, that they are being used in some way. Capricorns have trouble trusting new people, so they usually jump to the worst-case scenario. They have trouble accepting that complete strangers could have their best interest at heart, that some people are simply trying to be nice without any ulterior motives.


Aquarius can come off as detached because they get uncomfortable talking about their emotions (with most people). If they don’t know you well, then they aren’t going to know how to respond. They’re going to feel uncomfortable and might shut down the conversation completely. Even if they are flattered, they probably won’t let you know it. Overall, Aquarius are a confident, optimistic sign who believe the compliments they’re given – but they still have trouble accepting them in person. They have trouble showing any type of vulnerability face-to-face, especially with people who they don’t know well.


Scorpios are commonly called a mysterious sign because they aren’t going to open up to you unless they trust you, unless you know each other extremely well. Since they aren’t the type to give out heartfelt compliments unprovoked, they feel weird when someone else compliments them. Although they are a confident sign who prides themselves on being honest, that doesn’t mean that they blurt out everything that pops into their head. They are selective about who they compliment, so when someone else is extra kind, it can catch them off guard. Of course, once they get to know you, they are happy to hear compliments all day long. They are a loyal (and jealous) sign, so they want to know that their partner feels as strongly as they do.