Maksim Goncharenok

4 Zodiacs Who Secretly Think They Should Have Given It Another Try


Sagittarius moves so quickly. When one relationship ends, they are trotting the globe, taking sailing lessons, starting a new business, cutting their hair, anything that involves completely reinventing themselves. They get so swept away by the momentum of their escape route that they bypass the grieving process entirely. And because they never properly mourn the relationship, in the quiet moments where they’re not distracted or diverted, it can feel like there is unresolved or unfinished business that is preventing them from fully moving on. They wonder if they jumped ship too soon, if they should have made more concessions, if they should have given up on their crazy aimless dreams to settle down in one place for a change. Some of it’s just them getting in their own head, and some of it is the feelings they’ve been avoiding and denying bubbling up to the surface refusing to be ignored any longer. 


Leo acts like people are replaceable. Like the people who don’t live up to their expectations can be swapped for the next admirer waiting in line. But sometimes Leo goes running because they want to be chased. Pushes people away they want to pull them closer. And when their partner doesn’t pick up on these unspoken desires, when they are left alone waiting for someone who isn’t coming, they question whether they should turn around and double back. Whether they should explicitly spell out what it is they want instead of hoping or expecting someone will be able to read their minds and fulfill all of their desires. Even though Leo knows this is the right thing to do, their stubbornness and shame get in the way. They don’t like the vulnerability that comes with admitting they were wrong.


The sex was just that good…and Scorpio can’t seem to get the highlight reel out of their minds. No matter how many times or ways the relationship came to an end, the chemistry keeps them double guessing whether they made the right decision. The passion and intensity they had with their ex isn’t something they’re able to replicate on a typical first or second date, and so they are quick to give up on dating or trying to find someone new. They let their mind wander back to the familiar and pleasurable in an effort to avoid boredom or stagnation. Instead of allowing themselves to embrace solitude and singledom, they regress toward something that was never serving them. The truth is they know how this story ends, even if they decide to extend it with one more try.


The fixer in Aquarius wants to figure out what went wrong in their last relationship. As if pinpointing the issue would magically make a solution appear in front of them. They worry that every failed relationship speaks volumes about their ability as a partner, instead of simply being the result of casual incompatibility. There is an inner monologue they need to unteach themselves. One that suggests they should stay, even when everything is telling them to go. One that encourages suffering or suppressing their own desires and personality for the sake of keeping the relationship going. They need to realize that a full, loving relationship is the goal, not dysfunctional longevity.