4 Zodiacs Who Struggle When They're Single

4 Zodiacs Who Struggle When They’re Single

Some zodiacs thrive when they’re single. They love being on their own and don’t have any problem with their single status. Other zodiacs are a little more uncomfortable alone. Here are some zodiacs who struggle when they’re single:


This zodiac sign wants to surround themselves with people they can depend on, people who make them feel safe and protected. They’re going to struggle with breakups because they cannot stand change. They grow uncomfortable when met with the unknown. Taurus have trouble navigating the dating pool because they get nervous around new people. They don’t want to deal with the pressure of introducing themselves and making a good first impression. They don’t even want the honeymoon period. They want to skip ahead to the point where they’re completely comfortable with their person, where there’s no awkwardness or nerves, where they feel stable and committed.


This zodiac is a nurturer. They always want to take care of someone. They want to help out in any way that they can. When they’re alone, it gives them too much time to think. They don’t want to focus on their own problems. They would rather help others out with their problems. Plus, Cancers are family oriented, so they want to grow a family of their own. They want to pass down traditions. They want to make their loved ones proud. Cancers also tend to have low self-esteem. When they’re alone, their self-doubt can kick in. They can get super self-conscious and wonder whether they’re going to spend the rest of their life alone. When they have no one to love, they feel unlovable–even though that’s far from the truth.


Even though Leos are super confident and know that they deserve the best, they can struggle when they’re single. After all, they crave validation, adoration, and attention. They want others to compliment them, chase after them, and spoil them rotten. When they’re single, they can get restless because they aren’t getting enough ego boosts from the outside world. They might end up making reckless decisions in order to get more attention. After all, Leos are social creatures. They want to be the leader of the pack, and when there’s no one else to lead, they can feel empty inside. They are happier when other people are around, fighting for their attention.


This sign is usually interested in serious, committed relationships. They don’t like the crush stage because there’s too much jealousy and uncertainty. They want to know that their person feels the same way about them. They want their person to commit to them and remain loyal to them. Although Scorpios can come across as cold when you don’t know them, they crave connection. They want to find someone worth revealing their secrets to, someone worth their time and attention. When they don’t have that, they can close themselves off and isolate, which is a recipe for unhappiness.