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A Tarot Reader Predicts What Each Zodiac Sign Should Expect This December


Your card: The Magician

You’re making your own magic this month, Aries. This is the card of new beginnings and opportunities, but this isn’t just some lucky twist of fate—this is about you stepping in to your own power. You have the tools and resources the create your own fate, to manifest everything you’ve ever wanted—and you’re in the perfect position to get it. Just recognize that you’re in the early stages of this next step, and though patience may not always be your forte, sometimes that’s what you need to realize your full potential. Be sure you know what you’re going after before you run full speed ahead—but once you understand your goal, go forth and work your magic and trust that it will all work out the way it’s meant to.


Your card: Nine of Wands

Life has probably felt a little rough to you lately, Taurus. And while this month may not be the rosy-hued reprieve you might hope it’ll be, this card is a good sign: Whatever obstacle you face, you will overcome it. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, though. You may be tired of fighting, but you just have to tap into your natural Taurean stubbornness and continue to be persistent and stand tall—you are incredibly resilient, whether you fully realize it or not. Establish your boundaries, plant yourself firmly into the ground, and trust that you’ll make it through this victoriously.


Your card: Ten of Swords, reversed

December is about endings for you, Gemini—the problem is, you’re just not ready to let go. It’s possible you’re resisting for sentimental reasons and you’d rather let the situation drag on than admit to yourself that it’s over; on the flip side, it may be that you’re still picking at the scars of a situation that ended badly, refusing to let yourself fully heal from it. Either way, the outcome is the same: By not being able to fully leave the past behind, you aren’t able to fully move forward, either. Recognize when something is no longer serving you and learn to let go of it before it holds you back from your future potential. Moving on can be scary, even if the situation you’re moving on from wasn’t ideal; it’s often easier to live in our comfort zones than face the uncertainty of a new start. Just remember that there are silver linings ahead and that whatever you leave behind now only makes space for more beautiful things later on.


Your card: Nine of Cups

Your heart is overflowing this December, Cancer. Maybe it’s the warm, fuzzy feelings of the holidays burrowing into your heart, or maybe it’s really just that everything feels like it’s coming together in your life—whatever it is, the vibes are good this month. The Nine of Cups is a sign that you’re safe to indulge in these feelings—there is no other shoe to drop, no roadblock imminent, no reason for you to worry about what comes next. Let yourself eat good food, indulge in the things that make you happy, and fully experience the beauty of the season. Just remember to count your blessings and practice gratitude along the way, because these beautiful moments don’t last forever, and there’s something just a little sweeter about them when you learn to cherish them before they become just another memory.


Your card: The Emperor

This is your time to step into your power, Leo, so don’t squander it. You are finally in a solid place in your life; you have overcome the obstacles and fought for your rightful place on the throne. So now what? You can either sit back, relax, and revel in your triumphs or you can use this moment of stability to start laying the groundwork for where you want to go next. Use your momentum to your advantage—you’re in a strong position here, so start mapping out where you want to see yourself months—even years—in the future. Remember: You are the mighty lion powered by the sun itself. There’s nothing you can’t do right now.


Your Card: Ace of Wands, reversed

You’re a hard worker, Virgo, so it drives you nuts when you feel stagnant or stuck. Unfortunately, that may be a problem for you this month. Maybe you have an idea for something but you just have no idea how to implement it; maybe you feel lost in life and are unsure of where you’re supposed to go next. Whatever your situation is, you clearly lack the momentum and the clarity you want. But please don’t be too hard on yourself—it’s easy to feel impatient and restless when you aren’t exactly sure where to go from here (especially with your predilection for perfection), but it’s also a great time to step back and recalibrate. Meditate, journal, and ask yourself the hard questions, like what it is you really want or what you hope the outcome will be. As frustrating as it’ll feel in the moment, you’ll get there—just give yourself the grace to make it through this journey step by step.


Your card: Ten of Wands, reversed

You’re carrying a heavy weight on your shoulders this month, Libra. Whether it’s taking on too much at work, unhealed emotional trauma, or a situation that has spun out of control, you’ve suddenly realized you may not have the strength to take it all on alone—and truth be told, you shouldn’t have to. If you’ve been resistant to reaching out to help, ask yourself why. Is it pride? The fear of rejection? Or do you simply not know where to turn? Whatever it may be, take a step back and figure out a game plan. Maybe it’s time to start delegating tasks to others; maybe it’s time to call up your friends, or your parents, or even your therapist. What matters is that you do something, because if you continue at this pace, you’re more than likely to become burnt out, exhausted, or depressed. And always, always remember: You are not alone in this.


Your card: Two of Pentacles, reversed

December might be a high stress month for you, Scorpio—there’s a lot going on in your life, and you’re likely struggling to juggle it all. You may find yourself giving too much attention to one thing, only to let something else fall through the cracks. It may be that your job is so demanding that you’re unable to give your family the time they need, or maybe your studies have become so overwhelming that you’re unable to keep up with your other responsibilities. The truth is, something’s got to give—no one can take on everything. It’s possible this means it’s time to sacrifice something for the good of the rest of your life, but this could also be fixed with some hardcore organization. Go old school and start keeping to-do lists or research time-management tricks to help keep you on track. Dedicate certain days to work on certain tasks and stay on a strict schedule. The end of the year is always a little chaotic, but as long as you can make it through this stretch, there is likely rest and relaxation once you reach the new year.


Your card: King of Cups, reversed

This may be a particularly vulnerable time for you, Sagittarius. You may feel moody, frustrated, or anxious and find yourself beating yourself up for the smallest mistakes. You of all people hate feeling like this, but for some reason, you can’t seem to shake it. Is it the end of the year holidays that are putting you in a slump or something else? This is a good time to go inward and truly reflect on your emotional state. What’s been triggering you? Is it a situation you can remove yourself from? If there’s a problem, try to get to the root of it. And if it’s something you can’t control, at the very least you can show yourself compassion. Go easy on yourself, but go easy on those around you, too—they may trigger you without realizing it, but instead of lashing out, show them compassion in return.


Your card: Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles represents so much of what you’re already good at, Capricorn—providing for others, practicality, and stability. However, this card is more about the domestic than your public life, so you can expect to spend the month taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Maybe you’re planning to play host for this year’s holiday parties, or maybe you plan to spend the month baking for your family and cozying up by the fire. Whatever it is, you’re doing it out of love for others, and you can expect to feel that same love returned to you. Just remember to set aside some well deserved me-time, because while providing for others may make you feel warm and cozy inside, it’s also important that you make sure to give that same attention to yourself.


Your card: Two of Swords

You have a difficult decision to make this month, Aquarius, one that may not have a “right” answer. Or maybe there is a clear right choice, but that doesn’t make the decision any easier. After all, when your heart and your head are headed in different directions, which does your soul follow? It’s possible that you’ll try to put off making a decision—and it’s possible you already have been putting it off—but at the end of the day, the problem is still there, and you can only run from it for so long. Just make sure that you have all the necessary information before you make the final call and trust that your gut will know which way to go.


Your card: Judgment

You’re going through a transformation this month, Pisces—and what better time to do that than the end of the year? As we close up 2021 and prepare for the new year, it’s likely that you’ll start to reminisce about everything you’ve been through the last 12 months. Be proud of yourself for how far you’ve come and allow yourself to truly absorb all the lessons you’ve learned along the way. It’s possible that you’ll have a life-changing decision to make this month, but trust that you have the inner knowledge to make the right call in the end—as a water sign, your intuition is strong. You have all the answers you need inside you, you just have to call upon that sacred knowledge. And as long as you can trust yourself with that, you can trust that the universe will guide you where you need to go.