A Tarot Reader Predicts What Every Zodiac Sign Should Expect In July


Your card: Knight of Cups

You may be starry-eyed this month, Aries—and for the most part, it’s a good thing. This is the time to tap into that wonder, to let your creativity and intuition take the driver’s seat and lead you where it wants to go. If you’ve been dreaming of doing something but keep putting it off, this is the time to act; if you’ve been wanting to create something all of your own, this is your sign to take those first steps. Romanticize the world around you and let it inspire you—after all, sometimes rose-colored glasses help you see the world not as it is but as it could be.


Your card: Page of Wands, reversed

You’re probably feeling more stuck and uninspired than usual this month, Taurus—which is not a great place to be, considering you’re the kind of person who prefers to always push your way forward steadily but surely. Unfortunately, this might not be a situation you can just will away, no matter how stubbornly you work on it. At the end of the day, you can choose to keep trying to push an unmovable rock up a hill or you can choose to leave it behind and find something more worthwhile to put your time and effort into. There’s no shame in saying, “This just isn’t working anymore.” If anything, it’s better to cut your losses now and find another way to bring meaning and motivation into your life.


Your card: Ten of Swords, reversed

This card generally signifies a powerful ending. There has been something that has been draining your energy, that has left you feeling defeated and heartbroken and maybe even a little depressed. But this is also a sign of release—of letting go of these painful or impossible situations and coming to terms with the fact that it’s time to move on. You have the resources and the will to look at what you’ve gone through and find a way to heal or even fix what’s been broken. While it’s easy to get caught up in the tragedy of an ending, this is your reminder that every ending paves way for a new beginning—and whether you believe it or not, there’s something even better waiting for you when you choose to embrace it.


Your card: Six of Swords

The Six of Swords signifies a transition in your life—so prepare for July to be full of change for you, Cancer. You’re moving on from what once was and who you used to be, and that’s not always an easy—or painless—transition. You may find yourself at a loss, holding tight to the nostalgia or baggage of the past or, worse, resisting it at every turn. Just know it’s okay to feel sad about moving on. It’s okay to feel heartbroken by change. Even bad situations aren’t always easy to walk away from at first. But there are calmer waters ahead of you, so remind yourself that there’s a purpose to all this letting go—and let it be.


Your card: Ten of Wands

You may feel more weighed down than usually this month, Leo—kind of a bummer for someone who thrives on feeling free and untethered. You’re taking on an extra burden somewhere in your life, and though you may feel certain that you can carry it, it’ll take its toll one way or another—whether it’s burnout, disappointment, or even a hit to your physical health. Remember: You are human and you cannot do everything. Learn to say “no” when you already know you’re taking on too much. Set boundaries with people who lean on you too heavily. Start actively trying to manage your time and stop prioritizing things that aren’t important. When you go through draining times like these, it really is necessary to put yourself first.


Your card: Queen of Cups, reversed

You have a tendency to bottle up your emotions when you’re afraid of being vulnerable, Virgo. Is that what’s happening now? Or maybe it’s the opposite—maybe you feel so much right now that you’re struggling to keep it all in. Neither side of the coin is ideal. If you aren’t well-versed in the art of emotional regulation, it can be easy to express too much or too little, to lash out when you’re upset or to withhold yourself from those who deserve your honesty. It’s okay to not always feel comfortable with your emotions, but it’s not okay to let them constantly hurt others—or yourself. When you feel yourself losing control of your emotions, take a step back. Sit with yourself. Try to understand where they stem from and how you can communicate them in a productive way. Once you get used to doing that, you’ll finally be able to pull yourself out of the emotional rut you’ll be stuck in this month.


Your card: The Hermit

For you, Libra, July will be about coming home to yourself. You may have felt disconnected lately or like all your energy has been taken up by others who offer little or nothing in return. It’s great to be there for people, to love them and provide for them, but it’s just as important to be there for yourself. If you’ve been feeling drained lately, take a day—or a whole vacation—to focus on the things that make you feel rejuvenated and at peace with yourself. At the very least, turn off your phone in the evenings and focus on spending your time doing things that make you feel happy. This isn’t about cutting others out but simply about creating boundaries that allow for you to thrive on your own. It’s also a great time to really check in with yourself and figure out if you’re still happy with the way your life is taking shape—and if not, what you can do about it.


Your card: Ten of Pentacles

July won’t just be a time of abundance for you, Scorpio—it’ll be a time of security. If you’ve felt like you’ve had trouble getting your footing, or if you’ve felt like you’ve been unlucky or unsuccessful in any realm of your life, the tides are now changing. This month, it’s important to focus on the positives in your life and make sure not to take any of it for granted—because the more energy you put toward them, the more they will thrive, and the happier you will be. So bask in your success, treat yourself when you know you deserve it, fall in love with the people who offer you the safety to be yourself, and share the good vibes with everyone in your life. Remember: You’re allowed to be happy.


Your card: Five of Wands, reversed

No one would ever argue that you don’t have a healthy flight response, Sagittarius. Unfortunately, you might find yourself running from something this month—but without the desired results on your end. You can try to avoid a situation or conflict, but that never actually resolves it; just because you aren’t physically in its orbit doesn’t mean it ceases to exist. You can keep dancing around the subject, and you can keep making excuses, but at the end of the day, you’ll have to face the music. You may be surprised what communication and constructive honesty can do when you actually give them a chance. Remember: You are brave enough to face this, and no matter how it ends, you will be okay.


Your card: King of Wands, reversed

You’ve never been one afraid to take control, Capricorn, but is it possible that you may be trying to take too much control? You can be particular about how you want things, and sometimes it’s simply just easiest to do them yourself. But sometimes you take on too much before you’re ready, and sometimes you try so hard to take things into your own hands that you actively take them out of others’, leaving everyone else feeling powerless. You may think it’s the best for everyone, but others likely don’t agree. Before you pull any power moves this month, take a step back and try to look at it objectively and diplomatically. Are you actually the right person for the job? Is there something else you can do instead? You may have to fight with your ego about it, but do not let it win.


Your card: Death

When people see the Death card, they often panic. But do not fear, Aquarius—in this case, Death only means an ending. A certain cycle of your life is coming to a close, and it’s time for you to come to terms with it and prepare to move on. This won’t always be easy—in fact, it might be heartbreaking—but just know that it’s not really the end for you. Because Death is also about rebirth, about transformation, about closing one chapter so that you can continue on to the next. What’s happening now is happening for a reason, and what happens next will pave the way for the next phase of your destiny. Let yourself mourn when you must, but never stop looking toward the future.


Your card: Knight of Pentacles

This month’s theme for you is very much “keep on keeping on,” Pisces. You’re not really one for routine, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to put your head down and push toward your goals. While the daily grind might feel monotonous and even boring to you, keep your aspirations in mind, because everything you’re doing right now is getting you one step closer to where you need to be. This isn’t the time to give up, but it also isn’t the time to throw a curveball or try something that’s more explosive than effective. You just have to remember that hard work does pay off—and you’re about to see that soon.