You Might Be Mistaking These 15 Red Flags For Green Flags

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Careful, You Might Be Mistaking These 15 Red Flags For Green Flags

Here are a few red flags you might think are positives at first. But don’t be fooled! They’re actually signs you should be careful.

“Wanting to be involved in every aspect of your life. I mean, it seems nice at first that this person is taking an interest in the things you like and hanging out with your friends but I believe that boundaries should always be set in relationships. It can be extremely suffocating to have someone involved ALL. THE. TIME.” — novatheclown

“Men that have extremely close relationships to their mom, it may look sweet and loving at first but when she’s got a key to your place, criticizes your cooking, demands to come over and meddle in your shit… run.” — ChineseChaiTea

“People who continue to go after someone after being rejected by them. It might be seen as loyalty, but accepting rejection is always the best choice.” – LilBug_Just_Dancer

“Saying, you’re cute when you’re mad. No, I’m not. Maybe when I’m passionate. Not when I’m pissed. Statements like that downplay emotions and can frequently be an attempt to remove blame.” — DarlingDeath

“Posting their every thought and feeling. Some people see it as an honest and vulnerable person. Usually, these people seek attention in unhealthy ways and will get angry if they don’t receive it.” — cleotrapaa

“Telling you that you’re perfect and actually meaning it, not just using it as a synonym for ‘pretty’ or as clear hyperbole. Nobody is perfect, and when you inevitably make a mistake because you’re, you know, human, that pedestal will shatter.” — Wralai

“Jealousy doesn’t mean they care so much. Run.” — trishsf

“Messages like ‘good vibes only’ and stuff saying it’s bad to have negative emotions. I’ve pushed down my feelings before and it’s not a good feeling when it all comes back up.” — Raemeh

“Love bombing. That person who tells you right from the beginning that you are the best that has ever happened to them, showers you with compliments and makes you feel super special. Seems like something desirable in a person, but it’s probably a way to hook you in. A common trait of narcissists, sociopaths, and psychos.” — Better_Country_7377

“Fancy car and high end things. Often times means there’s a load of debt and materialism baked in.” — ReverseshellG4n

“When they’re cheating on someone else to be with you. Sure, it might be some kind of ego boost to know you’re winning in that particular choice, but if they ever dump that other person to be with you ‘exclusively,’ guess what?” — briefwittyphrase

Bad boys who are good to you 🥺 This is not wattpad Stephanie, your boyfriends a dick and everyone hates him for a reason.” — kitten_and_bells

“Being way too interested in your kids too soon.” — Ok-Imagination-9543

“People who constantly have to tell you about how nice they are. In my experience, they usually aren’t really nice people.” — Altrano

“Possessiveness (they care so much about me and always need to know where and what I’m always doing), as well as isolation (the need me and my attention to the point I don’t see, talk, or hang out with family hardly).” — Mediocre-Bullfrog367