Vadir Camargo

Color Theory Reveals The Luckiest Color For Each Zodiac

Color theory is the study of how colors convey certain moods or meanings. Different colors signify different tones and can impact our moods in various ways throughout the day. Each zodiac has a power color that allows their inner essence to flow out into the world and boost their confidence. If you want to have a lucky day where all goes your way, this is the color you should wear:

Aries – Red

A bold color characterized by passion and ferocity is perfect for a fiery Aries to showcase their confident nature.

Taurus – Green

A color often associated with nature, vitality, and a sense of calm is a color that rightly aligns with grounded Taurus.

Gemini – Gray

Gray is typically an in-between color that can switch between various meanings. It’s a transitional color betwixt black and white that signifies adaptability and intelligence, perfectly representing a fellow flexible Gemini.

Cancer – Brown

Brown— a color wrapped up in the feeling of comfort and stability. This color that’s deemed the most “wholesome” in color theory suits an empathetic Cancer best.

Leo – Purple

Purple is a color that signals creativity and luxury. It’s rarely found in branding and when it’s worn in fashion, it cues bold independence which is fitting for a prideful Leo lion or lioness.

Virgo – Tan or Beige

Neutral colors like tan and beige represent stability, reliability, and ever-evolving growth; traits that align with a diligent Virgo.

Libra – Pink

Pink is the color associated with compassion and harmony. It’s known to signal friendship and approachability which is why it suits a balanced Libra.

Scorpio – Black

This simple color makes a statement like no other. Black revels in mystery and luxury which is perfect for an intense and deep-souled Scorpio.

Sagittarius – Yellow

Yellow, the color of the sun, is aligned with happiness and hope within color theory. For a radiant and explorative Sagittarius, no color could be luckier than yellow.

Capricorn – Blue

Blue is the color of trust and reliability which links an aura of calm around it which is why it’s the perfect color for a dependable Capricorn.

Aquarius – Orange

Zesty orange is known for the energy and jubilance it grabs you with. It’s a color linked with immense vitality and creativity which is why it’s perfect for the open-minded, dynamic sign of Aquarius.

Pisces – White

Aligned with purity and wholeness, white is an important color within color theory. It’s a color that comprises all the hues on the visible light spectrum so it’s incredibly powerful. White’s simplicity and innocence signal an aura of trust and transparency which is perfect for a compassionate and loving Pisces.