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Horoscope For Today: Monday, March 25, 2024

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The first eclipse of 2024 hits us in full swing today, forecasting unexpected twists and turns. The Libra full moon lunar eclipse promises karmic endings. Full moons are known to call us to release what no longer serves. This lunation is all the more intense. It’s sparked by the shadowy South node, which reveals a comfort zone that limits our soul’s expansion. Expect the loudness of a full moon, only cranked up to maximum volume. 


This Libra lunar eclipse reveals suppressed secrets regarding the nature of your relationships. Today highlights where you need to compromise in order to maintain a harmonious connection. The real question will be: can these compromises work for both parties? Or would you be doing yourself a disservice, neglecting your fate, to satisfy another? Stop trying to force what isn’t naturally clicking. Give it up to the Universe to decide.


The Libra lunar eclipse is asking you to pay close attention to your health and responsibilities. How do they intertwine? Karmic endings arise today. You no longer can neglect your body’s needs in order to accomplish tasks. This may look like redefining your commitments, changing your schedule, or prioritizing your rest. Health is wealth. Don’t compromise your mind, body or spirit for temporary materialistic gains.


Karmic endings arise in your romantic and pleasure sector. Your understanding of desire is shifting. Who or want you originally longed for doesn’t seem as enticing. Your type may even be changing, reflecting your growth. If you’re honest with yourself, you can allow yourself to change your mind. It’s okay to let go. Forcing yourself to fake positivity or happiness will only create unnecessary stress. Redirect attention to situations genuinely spark interest.


Your personal life sector is shifting, ushering in karmic endings. You can no longer compromise your needs in order to maintain harmony in your close relationships. It’s important to create healthy boundaries at this time. If you were to neglect your needs, especially to fulfill outdated traditions or expectations of your upbringing, you will feel the heaviness. Spiritually, it’s your time to break generational patterns and curses. Be free. 


Your mind is changing, and it’s important to acknowledge that in your communication with others. The Libra lunar eclipse sparks your cerebral sector. Your opinions, thoughts and beliefs are expanding. However, there is outdated information you need to drop. Carrying it with you will only create overthinking, overstimulation, or poor mental health. Focus on what is bringing you life. Let the Universe take care of the rest.


Not knowing your worth can put you into dangerous situations, Virgo. Today, you open your eyes to the truth. There are circumstances in your life that reflect the self-esteem of a person who is not self-assured of their worth. The Libra lunar eclipse is pushing you to confront these loose ends and snip them off accordingly. Your financial and esteem sector improve, but only after you finally release what’s holding you back.


Your life may feel like it’s ending today, but it’s only getting started. The lunar eclipse in your sign is shocking your life path and individuality sector. You may feel as though you have been maintaining many lies, or self-sacrifices, in order to maintain harmony. This is your permission to stop taking responsibility for relationships that distract you from your fate. Fulfilling your needs is of utmost importance. No more mister nice guy.


The key to life isn’t being without fear. It’s all about being courageous, despite the scariness of the unknown. Your spirituality sector is activated by the Libra lunar eclipse. While the world around you feels fuzzy, your intuition is awaiting your arrival. Your inner world must be clarified until situations outside of you can make sense. Today is all about reclaiming the power you’ve buried away, nervous of the consequences of going out of your comfort zone. 


Those you surround yourself with determine your future. Today reminds you of this sentiment. The Libra lunar eclipse pushes illusions to the forefront in your social life sector. Friendship and acquaintances should be carefully contemplated. If there are connections that feel forced, give yourself permission to outgrow them. Closed doors allow new ones to open.


The Libra lunar eclipse ushers in karmic endings today. Capricorn, how’s work going? Your career or purpose sector is activated, which brings up sensitive topics to consider. Your job, vocational path, tasks, or responsibilities are in need of reevaluation. If you feel you are working hard for recognition or reward that isn’t coming, take note. You cannot force respect, it must be freely given. Do what’s in your best interest and reassess or ultimately, let go of what no longer serves you. 


Today reminds you of how differently you see the world from another or groups of people. Your beliefs or values come from vastly contrasted life experiences. You cannot force someone to open their mind. You can only lead by example and remain receptive yourself. If it feels like you’re talking to a wall, stop. Conserve your energy. Close doors so that you can meet like minded individuals. 


While it’s admirable to step up to the plate to help another in crisis, you also have to balance your own life. The Libra lunar eclipse today harps on your intimacy sector. Your intuition and perceptiveness are sharp. However, not everyone is ready to apply the transformative advice that you have. Keep codependency in check. Do not allow another to needily take your energy away, intentionally or not. On this Monday, you’re ending karmic cycles of self-neglect.