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How Each Zodiac Copes With A Breakup


Their instincts tell them to hide any signs of pain, for fear of getting perceived as weak. So, Aries may appear perfectly fine after a breakup. You might find them out with friends or throwing themselves into creative projects, laughing and smiling as normal. But, inside, they’re dealing with feelings of insecurity and uncertainty. They tend to forget how valuable opening up is, and rarely seek it out unprompted.


Tauruses are the people that keep bringing their exes up long after the situation is dead, and in the immediate aftermath of a breakup this trait is only amplified. Tauruses get consumed by lost love, and it doesn’t help that they have such a good memory and can recall every good time, every sweet moment, in striking detail. No wonder they have to talk about it so much–they need to get it out of their head.


Geminis like to “fake it ‘til they make it,” and this mindset is only amplified when they’re recovering from a breakup. Geminis will act like they’re fine even if they aren’t, refusing to burden others unless the situation is dire. If they ask you out for dinner or drinks, know that this is their way of gathering support without having to verbalize it. They will recover in time, once the fake becomes their reality.


Cancers need to feel uninhibited after a breakup to feel whatever emotions they’re experiencing. There’s nothing that derails a Cancer more than having to hide their true selves behind a mask for the benefit of other people. Being so self-aware can be difficult in a world that rarely values the skill of knowing and embracing your feelings, but Cancers will persevere. If you see them crying or screaming into a pillow, let them be. 


Leos tend to sound like a broken record after a breakup, repeating the same four statements about their exes over and over. They aren’t doing this intentionally–they just have trouble accepting that something as magnificent as love is over and gone. With time, they’ll be able to acknowledge what happened. But, in the meantime, try your best to listen to them without obvious frustration. They’ll move on eventually.


Despite their calm, cool exterior, Virgos are deeply impacted by breakups. It’s hard for them to reframe their worldview and accept that the plans they were making for the future have changed, leaving them behind in the aftermath. If your Virgo seems less motivated than usual–this is normal. The best way to help is to remind them that change doesn’t have to indicate the end of the world. It can be an opportunity to grow.


Anger will often rise to the surface when a Libra is dealing with a broken heart. There’s a part of them that can’t fathom what they did wrong, how they could mess up something that usually comes so naturally to them. There’s a bigger part, however, that is left feeling so insecure about the loss that they can’t help but lash out in protest. They have to expel the hurt from their body before they can process its reality.


To nobody’s surprise, Scorpios are so reserved after a breakup that it’s hard to tell how they’re really feeling. In fact, it can be hard to even pry the breakup story out of them in their near-catatonic state. Scorpios experience the world so deeply, that something as tender as lost love can send them spiraling into themselves, away from the outside world. Let them know you’ll be here when they return.


Sagittariuses are actually pretty good at moving on from a breakup. Though affected by love, as we all are, they’re able to compartmentalize and realize that their pain is survivable. They can see the logic of endings and accept that if their relationship was meant to be, it would’ve worked out.After a month or so of reflecting, Sagittariuses are ready to get back out there and embrace the world again.


Capricorns will gravitate towards grounding activities after a breakup. Yoga, journaling, and cooking are only a few examples. Capricorns like to jump into self-care, knowing themselves well enough to anticipate what will make them feel better. If they’re nowhere to be seen after a nasty breakup, don’t worry–they’re just getting reacquainted with themselves. Listening to their body and giving it what it wants.


The post-breakup hurt is delayed for Aquarius. Rather than experiencing it right in the thick of things, like most signs, they calmly accept their fate and appear to be alright. But, years later, the hurt will set in and make them realize how angry they are, how much angrier and sadder they should’ve been in the moment. Don’t question the timing of it all–just be there for them when they finally begin to process.


Pisces aren’t great with breakups. Under normal circumstances, they have trouble getting out of their own head, and with love-related stress involved that only becomes more difficult. Pisces are the type to go through their things and find everything their ex once touched or gave them, pile it around their bed and make themselves sad. They need proof that it happened. Proof that they loved and tried their best to make it work.