How Each Zodiac Sign Behaves If They’re a Narcissist or Toxic

We love celebrating the positive qualities of each Zodiac sign. But what if the person is narcissistic or toxic? They’ll often distort their best qualities and weaponize their worst. Here’s how each zodiac presents themselves if they’re a narcissist or toxic. 


We love magnetic Leos when they’re empathic. Leos who are narcissistic or toxic behave differently, however, and are overly boastful to a point. They go out of their way to monopolize everyone’s attention, often stealing the spotlight from others in crude and rude ways. They feel entitled to be the center of attention (positive or negative attention) – and they will do anything to get it. Narcissistic Leos aren’t opposed to going after people already in committed relationships, breaking up friendships, or bullying people at work if it means they get to be front and center. They can be very jealous and competitive. Their insatiable thirst for attention is paired with their belief that they are entitled to be the best, and when their pride is hurt or they are held accountable, they can rage in unhealthy ways.


Scorpios are already beautifully intense enough, but narcissistic Scorpios are quite frightening in their lack of empathy and callousness. Their biting sarcasm and cruel contempt will bring even the most strong-willed of people to their knees. They will also stalk you to the ends of the earth – and in the legendary words of Liam Neeson, they will find you. However, they keep their secrets close and their enemies even closer. You may not find out who you’re dealing with until it’s too late. 


These fiery signs are known for their cheerful disposition, playful charisma, and philosophical nature. But scorn a narcissistic Sagittarius and you’ll soon find yourself regretting it. The non-narcissistic Sagittarius is a feisty force and reckoning all on their own, but the narcissistic Sagittarius? They will take vindictiveness to new heights. They’ll use their bow and arrow to make you a target – and shoot. 


Aquarius narcissists are the ultimate bullies of the Zodiac. When they’re non-narcissistic, they can be powerful leaders with a vision for innovation and change. As a narcissist, however, Aquarius can be quite vengeful and easily enraged, especially when they don’t get their way or feel inconvenienced by small matters. They will love bomb you to extract what they want from you, only to discard you. Along with a cutting sarcasm similar to a Scorpio’s, the narcissistic Aquarius will stonewall you and give you frequent silent treatments.


Capricorns don’t let anyone stand in the way of their goals. Narcissistic capricorns are moody, demanding, and believe the world revolves around them. They may present as overly materialistic and have grandiose fantasies of power. They will also be impatient and entitled, holding grudges against others for small, perceived slights that last a lifetime. Their cut-off game is cutthroat.


Pisces are the sensitive souls of the zodiac. But if they’re a narcissist, they will turn on the waterworks and use effective pity ploys to garner your sympathy, especially after they’ve harmed you. They use their hurt-and-rescue tactics to ensure you stay dependent on them.


A non-narcissistic Taurus will be strong, solid and reliable – but a taurus with narcissistic or toxic tendencies can be one of the coldest and possessive. These natural loverboys and lovergirls of the Zodiac can turn love languages into hate languages if they’re narcissistic. They’ll withdraw their attention and physical affection from you and make biting remarks that will hurt your soul even after a period of love bombing and flattering you with heavy attention and flirtation. 


Virgos hate a mess, and Virgos who are also narcissistic will consider you the mess they have to clean up and get rid of altogether. They will hold you to impossibly perfect standards while moving the goal posts, holding hypocritical double standards for themselves. They’ll excuse their cruelty by claiming they were “just being honest,” and smugly put you down with an air of superiority, rationalizing their abhorrent behavior. They take their need to control their environment too far.


Geminis who are narcissists are duplicitous and lead double lives that won’t be discovered until years later. They’re quite adept at pathological lying and deception, two-faced when it comes to gossip and are very evasive at answering important questions. By the time you’re done interacting with a Gemini, you’ll feel gaslit.


Libras are all about equality, balance, and justice – until they aren’t. If they’re a narcissistic Libra, they will impose a warped view of justice and morality onto others – only to serve their own agenda. They will vindictively take their perverted sense of justice into their own hands, targeting even the innocent to make their point.


The intuitive Cancer can be a fraud when they’re a narcissist. They’ll use their intuition to fool and manipulate you, mimicking empathy to get you to trust them. They will also do everything they can to protect and defend themselves, including projecting onto you their own worst qualities.


Ambitious Aries can meet their goals with determined passion. But if they’re a narcissist, they go too far in their ambition and hurt people along the way. Narcissistic Aries will be the ones who embezzle funds or spread gossip and sabotage others to climb the corporate ladder.