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How To Know They’re Bored Of The Relationship, Based On Their Zodiac Sign


Not only are Aries passionate, but they can be incredibly blunt too. They won’t hold anything back, especially if something is bothering them. So if they’re feeling bored in the relationship, they will tell you.


Taureans are known to be sensual, secretly passionate creatures. But if they’re bored in their relationship, the sex might not be that great. Or, maybe even nonexistent. There’s no passion and playfulness anymore — they just don’t care enough to keep that up.


Geminis are known to be wishy-washy. They jump from different conversations with different people and that’s because they get bored easily. So if they’re bored in the relationship, they might find someone new to keep them entertained.


Cancers enjoy taking care of the people they love. However, if they’re bored in a relationship, they might not be doing that anymore. They just don’t see the point. They might even start taking care of themselves instead.


Leos appreciate good chemistry just as much as getting attention. If they don’t have those things in a relationship, they will start to get bored. They might even start to look for chemistry and attention from someone else.


Virgos are quite critical of others. If they’re not impressed with you, they will get bored. So if they’re uninterested in the relationship, they will see themselves out. They’ll find something or someone else to do.


Libras want their partner to be happy and loved — but they also want that happiness and love in return. If they’re feeling bored in their relationship, they might stop putting in the effort, knowing they’re not getting anything in return.


Scorpios are a bit possessive and dramatic. If they are picking unnecessary fights with you over things that don’t matter, they might be bored. For them, the drama keeps things exciting.


When it comes to love, Sagittarians want it to be exciting, adventurous, and really worthwhile. If they’re bored, they might be going off and doing things on their own. They’ll look for excitement elsewhere and without their partner.


When Capricorns care about someone enough, they’ll make an effort to open up emotionally. However, if they’re bored, they won’t even bother. They see the relationship isn’t working out and they’ll close themselves off again.


Aquarians like originality and they appreciate when their romantic partner shares a deep connection with them that is unlike any other. If they’re bored, they’ll start to look at the relationship as one they’ve experienced before. They’ll just walk away and move on.


Pisceans appreciate a beautiful, poetic romance. However, if they’re not getting that in a relationship, they will get bored…and sad. That’s when they go and cry in their room and spend all their time alone.