Vince Perraud

How Uranus Retrograde Is Unexpectedly Transforming Your Life, Based On Your Zodiac

Uranus, the planet of unexpected change and innovation, stationed retrograde at the end of August. It’s important to keep in mind that outer planets are frequently retrograde, and Uranus’ backwards movement isn’t cause for alarm. It happens once a year, after all, giving the collective time to slow down and evaluate our ideas before jumping directly into the unknown.

However, Uranus will be exerting its influence upon the Taurean themes of our lives for a while. It will be in its tailspin for the next few months, not stationing direct until January 27th, 2024.

The most constructive thing we can all do as individuals is figure out how to work with this slow, tedious energy until it inevitably passes. It helps to know where in your birth chart you will be impacted by this particular transit, so you can prepare for the changes to come. How is Uranus retrograde going to impact you?


You like to move fast, Aries, so retrograde energy can really bring you down. For the next few months, you’ll be re-evaluating your priorities surrounding money and reconsidering what you value as Uranus moves backwards in your second house of income and personal resources. Expect the unexpected when it comes to finances: bills piling up, a pay cut at work, or a layoff. Live more frugally, discard what you no longer need, and strategize a better work-life balance so you can save more for what really matters.


Your identity is getting seriously shaken up, Taurus. With Uranus retrograde in your first house of self, you might find that your reputation is taking blows or you’ve become subject to more criticism than usual. If you work in a forward-facing position at work, you’re an influencer, or you work with your body in any meaningful way, you will feel like your brand is becoming tired and you might have to level up. In general, you’ll be forced to confront your shadow, especially around the final lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28th.


You have pretty strong chaotic energy at the best of times, Gemini, but with Uranus retrograde in your twelfth house of dreams, drugs, and the unconscious, you can expect everything from weird dreams to massive tests of faith. Cling to what you know is true and real in your domestic sphere, and don’t be afraid of the darkness you might uncover within your own mind. You are on a more introspective and reflective path than you are accustomed to, and it is all a part of your journey.


You like situations where you can provide comfort to your closest friends, Cancer, but you’re about to be standing on a less stable foundation with your larger network. Uranus is spinning backwards in your eleventh house of friendships, social groups, and community, making you uncertain where you belong and what your role is. Take this time to listen more than you speak, giving everyone an equal chance to share their feelings and opinions. You might be surprised what you learn about your family at this time, too, as old secrets are likely to be exposed. Embrace the discomfort and lean into the possible awkwardness. This is a time for humility.


You can’t walk into a room without charming everyone around, Leo, due to your extravagance and beauty. But there might be times when you come on too strong, and you’re going to hear about it for the next few months. Uranus is now forcing you to take a harder look at your reputation and legacy as it moves back through your tenth house of career and prominence. Try to tone down the dramatics and lay low at work. Hold your tongue or else you just might find yourself trending for the wrong reasons.


Your ability to consistently control the narrative is your strength, Virgo, but for the next few months you’re going to be frustrated with the stagnancy in your ninth house, where Uranus has ground to a standstill. This will throw a wrench in your carefully laid plans: to apply to grad school, to publish your novel, or to study abroad. Use this time to put the brakes on and examine how you can revisit these plans in the new year, when you have more wisdom behind you. The cosmos has your back; nothing you learn during this time will be a loss. If anything, it will guide you further on your path to success.


You prefer to keep the peace, Libra, but this is the ideal time to admit to yourself that sometimes your avoidant attachment style is a way of hiding from consequences. Uranus is moving backwards through your eighth house of death, sex, and debt, so don’t be shocked if you’re forced to contend with that credit card bill you’ve been ignoring—or get drawn back under an alluring ex’s spell. We all have karma, and this is your time to pay up.


It’s been a rough couple of months for you, Scorpio, with a series of eclipses searing directly through your seventh and first houses. Uranus retrograde is ambient background noise compared to the final eclipse in your seventh house of relationships and work partnerships occuring on October 28th, so don’t worry too much about the details. Just try to enjoy the chaos. If a relationship is meant to be transformed in some way, it will while the unpredictable Uranus is doing its tailspin. Everything your partner does will seem to reflect back on you, so take this time to learn a bit about individuation.


You’re a spontaneous spirit, Sagittarius, so the idea of a door closing at work isn’t the shock of all shocks to you. But you might even surprise yourself with your impulsivity when Uranus rocks your sixth house of work, health, and daily routine, causing you to do some serious analysis of what is making you happy and what is driving you slowly insane. If your job isn’t fulfilling you anymore, or your physical health is suffering as a result of long hours, you’re going to be tempted to walk away. Make sure you have a backup plan.


You like to keep things professional, Capricorn, but Uranus is grinding to a halt in your fifth house of creativity, pleasure, and children, creating a distinctly different atmosphere. If you’re not already feeling the urge to break out of your routine and have a bit more fun, you will be soon. Ask yourself important questions about how your work and domestic life can intersect without too much disruption. Is it possible to bring children into your life at this time? Is it time to end a fun but ultimately unfulfilling fling? Whatever isn’t enjoyable anymore will be gone before January.


In modern astrology, Uranus is your natural ruler, so you’ll be feeling this transit heavily. If you’ve been feeling stuck in a monotonous home and family routine, Aquarius, this window of time is opening up glimpses at new possibilities. Just don’t jump too quickly. A sudden move might seem tempting, but is it reasonable when you have a responsibility to your roots? You’ll be analyzing your circumstances in light of your conflicting duties: to yourself and to your family of origin.


You like to question everything, Pisces, but your communication skills will feel disrupted while Uranus is stalling your third-house plans. Try to avoid disputes with neighbors, siblings, and extended family members around this time, as Uranus will ensure you end up with foot-in-mouth syndrome. To avoid getting misquoted by acquaintances, put more of your energy into your closest relationships, especially with your romantic or business partner.