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How You Can Open Up To Love Again, Based On Your Zodiac + Tarot


Your Card: Three of Pentacles

Aries, you’ve closed yourself off to love because you struggle to work as part of a team. Somewhere along the way you became so wrapped up in your individual goals that you stopped thinking about rearranging your life to build something with someone. You enjoy being the leader and creator of your own world, but love isn’t an inconvenience—it’s an opportunity to co-create something beautiful and lasting with a person that shares your vision. You can’t open up to love until you learn to navigate relationships as a collaborative effort and learn to make sacrifices. An easy way to begin is to nurture a friendship before moving along romantically. 


Your Card: King of Pentacles

Taurus, you can open up to love again by refusing to settle. For too long now you have chosen comfort over suitability and history over compatibility. You choose the wrong people and don’t give up on them out of a sense of loyalty. Love hasn’t been what you’ve always envisioned because you keep looking for it in people who are the opposite of your dream person. You need to wait and be vulnerable for the person who is dependable, grounded, faithful, trustworthy, and loving. Your heart should remain closed off to anyone who doesn’t make you feel safe and at home.


Your Card: Five of Cups, reversed

Until you heal all old emotional wounds and move on from the negative impact of past relationships, you won’t find yourself able to truly open up to love again. You need to release all your baggage, Gemini. You need to let go of the grief and suffering heartbreak in your life has brought you. In order to show up as your most authentic self and be fearlessly vulnerable with another person, you have to be able to live in the present. And you can’t live in the present when you’re still hanging on to any part of the past. 


Your Card: Nine of Cups, reversed

The Nine of Cups reversed is showing that you keep chasing superficial connections and sabotaging real ones. You’re afraid of what it might mean to truly connect with someone, so you spend your time with people you could never seriously fall for. You fill the void with shallow relationships that have nothing to offer you but distraction or physical pleasure. Until you acknowledge how deserving you are of the love you yearn for, you’ll never be prepared to drop your guard and open up to someone. There’s always going to be that gaping hole you feel unless you allow yourself to welcome something actually fulfilling. 


Your Card: King of Swords, reversed

Leo, there’s an unhealthy relationship in your past that left you with emotional scars. This person was someone who was controlling, manipulative, mean-spirited, and perhaps even abusive. They were extremely selfish and enjoyed seeing how much of a hold they had on your emotions. As a partner, they would go from warm and loving to cold and distant inexplicably and without reason. It was an experience that left you wary of allowing someone else to have power over you. You’re afraid to let someone in again, only for them to mistreat you and try to control you. Leo, that won’t happen. You’ve learned so much about what you do want and don’t want in a partner. You have to be willing to face your fear to experience the beauty of vulnerability once again. With an open and cautious heart, you can open to love again. 


Your Card: The Hermit, reversed

Virgo, you can open up to love again by letting your guard down with someone who doesn’t make you feel lonely. You have a fear of being abandoned because in the past you let someone in who never made you feel seen, accepted, or truly loved. Being in a room with them made you feel more alone than being in your own company and solitude. Love that makes you feel like someone truly knows you and gets you exists. Get back out there and get over your fears. You’re going to meet someone you can be yourself with and who you’ll feel closer to than anyone else before. 


Your Card: The Emperor

The Emperor is telling you that you need to learn how to express your emotions. In order to open up to love, you can’t keep everything you feel hidden from the person you feel most for. Stop trying to navigate things perfectly and with tact, and just show up as your most authentic self. That means not holding back your thoughts, desires, and feelings. It means being imperfect and messy. Don’t apply logic or order to any of it, and just go for it, Libra. 


Your Card: Queen of Cups

Opening up to love starts with self-love and self-compassion, Scorpio. You need to learn how to be warm, caring, and affectionate to yourself. In order to allow yourself to be treated with kindness, you must first be kind to yourself. Love will come after you’ve learned how to be devoted and loyal to yourself first. Your relationships will deepen once you’ve become your own biggest emotional supporter. You will open up to love again once you’ve opened up to let yourself in.  


Your Card: The Star

Sag, you’ve been having trouble opening up yourself to love because you need to work on rebuilding your confidence and self-esteem. This means that there’s emotional baggage you’re holding on to that needs to be released. If you want to be vulnerable again, you need to examine where you need healing. The love of your life is close to entering your life and making their big appearance. So, are you going to be ready? 


Your Card: Four of Pentacles

You won’t be ready to open up to love again until you’ve closely examined and worked through your insecurities and jealousies. Your next partner can’t be someone you treat or view as a possession, or it’s never going to work. There are deep rooted issues that you need to get to the bottom of in order to let someone in in a way that’s genuine, healthy, and conducive to your happiness. You need to work on not clinging on too tightly to your lovers. They should add on to your joy, and not be your only source of it. 


Your Card: Five of Swords, reversed

Aquarius, before opening up you need to have mastered the art of compromising. Learn to pick your battles when it comes to relationships. Instead of always trying to be right, listen to your partner and try to understand and respect their perspective. There is a beauty in the willingness to be able to meet each other in the middle. Don’t be too dismissive of their feelings and beliefs, even when they don’t make sense to you. In order to be vulnerable with someone, you have to make them feel safe being vulnerable with you. 


Your Card: Eight of Wands

Pisces, you make the mistake of getting lost in the passion, excitement, and lust and then losing your better judgment. It’s for this reason that you often end up with the wrong partner and having to slip on your pair of rose colored sunglasses. Slow down before peeling back your layers and opening up. Make sure the waters are safe and really consider who it is that you’re letting in. You don’t want to end up in another situation where you end up overidealizing and romanticizing someone who doesn’t deserve you.