How You Know You’re In Your Dark Feminine Era, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


When you start to pick your battles more wisely. Dark feminine energy has you standing up for what you believe in, but not fighting needlessly. Use your fiery energy only when you need to, without getting riled up whenever you sense a fight.


When you defend people you don’t even know. You’re fierce when it comes to your inner circle and will fight for them whenever you sense danger–but what about everyone else? Your dark feminine is on display when you become the strong fighter for strangers.


When you let your natural flirting simmer. While you’re a naturally flirty person, dark feminine sexuality is quieter and more mysterious. When you truly want to attract someone, be a bit more subtle and sensuous and you’ll have them wrapped around your finger.


When you stop worrying so much about the comfort of others. Dark feminine energy is about putting yourself first. Setting your own comfort over others might not come naturally to you, but every aspect of your life improves when you do.


When you care less about the approval of people you don’t even know. Dark feminine energy is secure and proud. For someone fully channeling their dark feminine power, the opinions of strangers don’t even cross their minds.


When you let sensual emotions enter your everyday life. Sensuality is often a low priority for you, but when you let your sensual emotions into your decision making, your dark femininity will flourish.


When you convey more with a look than you ever have before. It’s the dark feminine stare-down. Sometimes no talking is required to get your point across. Whether it’s to intimidate or entice, you can get exactly what you want with just a look.


When you truly embrace your mysterious side. While you’re known for being brooding and mysterious–big traits in dark feminine energy–you’re not always thrilled that people see you this way. When you embrace it, that’s when you’ll truly thrive.


When you put yourself first. Dark feminine energy is all about knowing what you want and going for it without letting anyone talk you out of it. Luckily, you’re a master at putting yourself first, so your era has probably already begun.


When you channel your boss babe nature. Dark femininity is being the boss leader that you are without worrying about other people thinking you’re “too much” or “intimidating.” If they’re intimidated, that’s on them.


When you fully embrace your sexual side. You normally lead with your intellect rather than your sensual nature, but to fully enter your dark feminine era, an intimate understanding of your sexually is a must.


When you stop trying to fix things for everyone. Dark feminine energy means focusing more on your own wants and needs and accepting that others are in charge of their own lives. It’s better for them to help themselves rather than always coming to their rescue.