If You Want To Stay With Them Forever, This Is What Each Zodiac Needs

If You Want To Stay With Them Forever, This Is What Each Zodiac Needs


They need time and space. They need you to give them enough room to pursue their own hobbies and dreams and friendships so that they don’t feel smothered. They need to maintain a sense of independence, even while fully committed to you.


This need constant communication. They need updates when you’re going to be late and they need you to fill them in on plans ahead of time. They don’t want to hear about parties and dinner invites at the last second. They want you to keep them informed so they can be prepared.


They need brutal honesty. They need you to be frank with them about your expectations and your complaints. They don’t want to wake up one morning and realize that you’re miserable or that you’ve been hiding secrets from them. They want to know what you’re thinking, even when you’re nervous to share.


They need quality time. They need you to set aside time to spend with them every single day, even if it’s only for a few minutes while eating breakfast or when you get home from work. They don’t want to feel like a stranger to you. They want to see you often – and they want you to act present while you’re there instead of scrolling through your phone.


They need affection. They need you to give them kisses on the forehead and hold their hand while riding in the car. They never want to wonder whether you’ve lost interest in them, whether you’re bored by them, whether you still find them attractive. They need you to be vocal about your feelings. Share what’s in your heart.


They need recognition. They need you to say thank you when they do nice things for you, whether those things are big or small. They need to know that you appreciate everything they do, that their hard work isn’t being taken for granted or ignored. They need you to pay attention to them, to notice how hard they’re trying.


They need encouragement. They need you to be their biggest cheerleader, their main support system. They never want to feel like you resent their hopes, dreams, and hobbies. They want to know that you’re in their corner, that you’re rooting for them to succeed and genuinely believe they have what it takes to accomplish whatever they set out to do.


They need security. They need to know that they are the only one you’re interested in dating, that your commitment means something. They aren’t going to stick around if you make them feel like they’re in competition with anyone else. They need to know that you take the relationship as seriously as they do, that you aren’t going anywhere and will work through whatever problems occur without running for the door.


They need laughter and light. They need to consider you a friend as well as a lover. They need to know that the relationship is about more than sex, more than crossing a milestone off a checklist. It’s also about having a good time together. It’s about watching movies and going to concerts and making each other laugh. They need a partner who shares their sense of humor and love of life.


They need boundaries. They need you to respect their space, their belongings, and their opinion. They don’t want to feel uncomfortable in the relationship at any point. They want to know that they can trust you in every sense of the word. They want to feel like you understand them at a core level and would never disrespect them by mistreating them.


They need acceptance. They need a partner who understands the way their mind works, who doesn’t judge them for their weirdness and actually likes their weirdness. They need a relationship where they’re completely comfortable being themselves, where they don’t have to put on a performance – because that’s not their style. They want to live an authentic life.


They need validation. They need constant reassurance that you love them and care about them, that you are happy with your decision to spend a lifetime with them. They don’t want to feel like they’re bothering you or getting in the way of your happiness. They want to know that you are madly in love with them – and they don’t want to have to ask. They want you to say it without prompting.