Nathan Dumlao

“I’ll Know You’re My Twin Soul If…”, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


“I’ll know you’re my twin soul if you complement my fiery energy with calm and compassion.”

As the cardinal fire sign, you live life on the go, following every impulsive whim. Although you need a soulmate who isn’t afraid to go on adventures, you also need someone who can calm you down when you go over the edge.


“I’ll know you’re my twin soul if you yearn for a full partnership.”

For you, relationships aren’t a competition or a game. Your soulmate won’t be an opposition, but instead a partner who has the same lifetime vision and comfort zone as you. With them you know you can go through life side by side.


“I’ll know you’re my twin soul if you always keep me guessing.”

Boredom is your main relationship killer. As soon as the butterflies start to fade, you’re looking for your exit. Yet, even if you have a quiet life together, your perfect soulmate will still make you feel excited and flirty.


“I’ll know you’re my twin soul if you make me feel heard.”

So many of your past relationships were with people who barely listened to you–especially when you were dealing with tough emotions. Your perfect soulmate will never make you feel like your thoughts are a burden.


“I’ll know you’re my twin soul if you give just as much as you take.”

One of the more romantic signs of the zodiac, you love to pour all your love on your partner. In past relationships, this has meant that you’re always the one doing all the work, but your true soulmate will show you they care just as much as you do them.


“I’ll know you’re my twin soul if you challenge me every day.”

Because you’re so good at getting things done, past partners have capitalized on that and sat comfortably watching you do all the work. Your perfect soulmate will instead show you what it means to have a real partnership–even if they get in the way sometimes.


“I’ll know you’re my twin soul if my family and friends love you just as much as I do.”

If your friends hate your partner, it’s a gigantic red flag. Your true soulmate will fit right in with your friend group and will be beloved by your family. If your mom tells you that your new partner is her favorite, you know you found the one.


“I’ll know you’re my twin soul if you know when to push and when to step back.”

You might hate to admit it, but you’re hard to read. You keep your walls up, even long past first getting to know someone. Your true soulmate will know how to get you to open up, but will also know when to give you space to yourself. It’ll be a perfect balance.


“I’ll know you’re my twin soul if you wholeheartedly encourage me to achieve my dreams.”

You hate being bored and doing the same routine every day. You’re the one going on weekend adventures or deep-diving into your favorite craft. Past partners have made you feel silly for trying new things, but your true soulmate will do anything but.


“I’ll know you’re my twin soul if I don’t have to steer you along your life path.”

You often get stuck encouraging the people in your life. You attract people who require constant motivation, but your perfect soulmate won’t need that. They have all the drive and ambition you do. With them, you can just relax and enjoy the ride.


“I’ll know you’re my twin soul if you don’t hold on too tight.”

Codependency plagued your past failed relationships. While you would love to find the one, you don’t want being with them to define your entire identity. When you’re together with your soulmate, you both know that you’re also individuals.


“I’ll know you’re my twin soul if you have just as much empathy as I do.”

Because you’re such a great listener, you often end up being the stand-in therapist for people in your life, including past partners. Your true soulmate won’t let you lose yourself in the relationship. They’ll care just as much about your feelings as you do theirs.