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Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who Had The Best Year

1. LEO

2022 was a year of ups and downs for most of us. No one can handle roller coasters better than a Leo. Leos almost crave a challenge, because they find it that much more rewarding. They have accomplished more than they could ever imagine this year. While they are still always planning ahead, Leo still knows how to enjoy the moment. In 2022, Leos learned how to take everything in and appreciate it. Leos took everything at face value. Instead of blaming themselves and being insecure (like most signs are guilty of), Leo learned how to turn the negative into a positive. While they could beat themselves up when something does not work out, Leos do quite the opposite. Leos do not blame themselves, they blame the situation.

The situation or scenario was not right for them. It was not meant to be, and that is okay. Leos know when to get in and when to get out. They are not one to waste time, which is why they conquered 2022. Instead of dwelling on failure, they moved onto to their next success. You can not be good at everything, even Proud Leos know that. Leos’ acceptance of reality is one of their strongest qualities. Leos are not worrywarts, they are not easily torn down. Their confidence can come off as cocky sometimes, but it never disappoints them down. It’s true that confidence is everything. Fake it until you make it.

In 2022 Leos accepted that they can’t be the best at everything. However, they still want to be the best at most things. This undying determination always keeps Leos on top. What makes Leos unstoppable is their faith. They are dreamers with a work hard attitude. When the world is turning their back on them, their dreams are not crushed. It is just a cloudy day to them, it is not the end of their world.


Almost perfect year for the perfectionist Virgo. Almost Perfect is the definition of a Virgo, because nothing will ever be perfect enough for a Virgo. They accomplished most of what they wanted. Virgo will always have that one regret, of taking an extra nap when they could have been more productive. They have endless nights of edits and sleepless nights of anxiety. Hard work does pay off and Virgo is living proof of that. No matter how hard Virgo can criticize themselves, they never truly doubt themselves. They know they can work like a machine. When there is a coffee there is a way. Well, make that a liter of coffee.

Although Virgo can be a tad insecure, it is really all in your head. It is mind over matter. You accomplish more in a year, than some people do in a lifetime. The reason you are not always on top is, because you always find a way to beat yourself up. You are not flawless no one is.

Even when you are number 1, you are still competing with your past self. The anxiety of staying on top can drive anyone crazy, especially sensitive Virgo. You are always thinking of ways you can outdo yourself. You are terrified of peaking, you are always searching for new ways to achieve greatness. As I said nothing is enough for Virgo. They should learn to enjoy their moment in the sun, instead of planning ahead for that sunburn they do not even have yet.

In 2022 Virgo learned to live a little. They took more risks than they ever have before. Virgo is still debating over their last pro/con list, but baby steps… You are not going skydiving overnight.


You live in your own world, which is why every year is your year Aquarius. You truly believe in creating your own destiny. You are amazing at tuning out outside noise. You do not let negativity or doubt get to you. The only thing that matters to you, is what you truly believe. If Aquarius genuinely believes in what they are doing, nothing in the world can stop them. They are different. They are the changers in the world. Aquarians are the dreamers, that never let harsh reality stand in their way.

As positive as Aquarius may be, the real world can kick their ass some time. They are not the most compromising bunch. Yet life is all about compromises. You can’t run from what you can’t change. A temporary fix is just a band aid, not a solution. Not everyone can go along with your daydream world. People can lose their patience with you, when you are always living in lala land. You have Peter Pan syndrome and we love and hate you for it.

Aquarians are truly magical people. The problem is not everyone believes in magic. You will continue to run into obstacles, if you are not realistic. Avoiding these obstacles is also not attainable. You need to make peace with the real world and your version of reality. Dreaming can only get you so far. You must take greater action. Organization has never been your friend Aquarius, but you need to start making plans and sticking to them. The only way you can achieve your goals is with effort. You can be the most talented person in the world, but being lazy will kill you more than anything.

In 2022 Aquarius learned to have hope with logic. Dreaming is not always enough. They need to keep their dreams alive, but start living in reality. Aquarius learned the power of communication and consequences. You do not always land on your feet when you jump. People are not always at your beck and call. Everything is give and take and not just when you feel like giving.


He loves me, he loves me not. Libras are the queen of indecisive not just with their love life, but with everything in their life. Which career path to take? Should I go back to school or should I travel now while I can? Can I afford to move out? Do I want a roommate or do I want to move in with a partner? Black or white crop top? Do I trust buying it online? I should really try it on first…. Gigi or Bella? Libras answer a question with another question.

Libras are filled with possibilities, but they tend to self-sabotage. They spend all their time over analyzing, making pro/con list, jumping from opportunity to opportunity, they can never make a decision that sticks. Libras are very social, with that being said they can have a short attention span. They can be passionate one moment and moving on to bigger and better things the next.

Libras are not quitters when they finally decide to commit, they are in it for the long haul. However, this is not always beneficial. Timing is everything. Knowing what you don’t want anymore, is just as important as knowing what you want. Everything has a timeline. Sometimes it is not quitting, it is letting go. It is not called giving up, it called growth.

In 2022 Libra spent most of the year questioning themselves. The second they learn to trust themselves they are free, of their own imprisonment. This year Libra cared less about, what other people wanted from them. This was a testing year for them. They tried things they always wanted to try and decided if it doesn’t work out, there will be something else for them. There will be something better.


Sagittarius says yes to now, and says no to later. Sagittarius are known for living in the moment, but the present can affect your future. Sagittarius are known to make rash decisions- which usually bring them temporary happiness, yet they do need to spend more time on long-term plans. Sagittarius grew up a lot this year, they learned how to be serious and still have fun. However they may still be telling you, what you want to hear. Old habits die hard.

While Sagittarians have learned they can not do everything all at once, it does not mean they have not stopped trying to. With endless options and the lack of restraint to say the word No. Like Libra, Sagittarius can often find themselves at a crossroad. While Libra will overanalyze until the death of them. Sagittarius is more likely to leap before they look. Sags are huge risk takers, they know they have one life and they want the most of it.

Prioritizing will always be an issue for fun-loving Sags. There is so much they want to experience and so little time to do it. We all admire your thirst for adventure. As much as you love to fly Sag, you need to learn how to keep your feet on the ground too.

In 2022 Sagittarius realized they haven’t done it all, but they have done most of it. Instead of knocking off another venturesome item off their bucket list, Sagittarius got serious. They realized they need to do something scarier than jumping off a plane. They need to grow up. Their next goal for 2023 will not be a 3rd trip to Asia, but a new career plan. They have lived the good life and they are grateful for it, but it is time Sagittarius start grinding.


2022 was a great turning point for Taurus. They broke themselves and rebuilt themselves into better people. Taurians are the type of the people, that only learn through experience. You can give someone all the advice you want, but nothing teaches you like falling. Mistakes are really what stubborn bull Taurus needs to whip them back into shape. They have only learnt when they have lost.

While Taurus is usually the first to raise their hand to help others, they need to realize they need to help themselves first. You can not fix someone, if you yourself is still broken. Taurians are incredibly devoted and they have a soft spot for the broken bird. However focusing on someone else’s problems (as chivalrous as that might be..) does not diminish your own. Your hero mentality is a distraction from your own issues. You can waste most of the year and most of your energy on people who do not deserve you.

In 20117 Taurus learned the importance of being selfish. Their helpful nature will always be one of their best qualities, however it seems they can be displacing their emotions. Instead of focusing on saving the world, start with yourself Taurus. In 2022 Taurus spent the latter half of the year, reflecting on themselves. They have made active steps and changes to make 2023 a very successful year.


Capricorns usually land on top, but this year they got beaten up. Capricorns are one of the hardest working signs, they usually succeed at literally everything (we kinda hate you for this…but we know you deserve it). They are the true definition of practise makes perfect. They are the symbol of earning. But what happens when you do everything right and everything still comes crashing down? What happens when you have no one to blame? What happens when all your hard work seems thrown out the window? What happens when all your efforts seem like they have gone to waste? For most signs I would say a nervous breakdown is on it’s way… but not Capricorn.

Even in the midst of a tornado Capricorn can stay strong through anything. 2022 was a test for Capricorn’s limits. They proved in the hallow of darkness they still found a gleam of light. While Capricorns are not always known for being the most positive, they are not necessarily negative. Capricorns are the realists of the zodiac. Capricorns do not dwell on the negative. They also do not sweep things under the rug. Capricorns take things at face value. The way they get over something, is to throw themselves into something else. This is a reflection of their goal-oriented mentality. When an obstacle is presented instead of letting it overcome you, Capricorn focuses on a project. They throw themselves in anything and everything they can to remain productive.

Being productive is good. Being productive is being busy. If you are too busy working on yourself, you have no time to dwell on the negative (that is out of your control). Some people can distract themselves in a self-destructive way, but not Capricorn. Capricorn is not delusional, they are not pretending their problems are not there. However, they are choosing to not let their problems consume them. They are focusing on other tasks like fitness, career goals, spending more time with family, rather than letting something take control of their whole life. Capricorns are the master of self-control. They always know how to stay poised in chaos.

In 2022 Capricorns learned while they are the master of most, they are not the master of everything. It was a hard pill to swallow, watching their efforts disappoint them. Yet they learned it is better to cut their losses than to hold onto something dying. Capricorns are far from quitters, but this year they knew when to give up. Their hard-working efforts should be saved on something worth it, and someone who appreciates them.


In the midst of all your running, you have finally stopped to look around. You have taken a moment to breathe. You have taken time to think. Now you are more confused than ever. Truth be told Pisces the answer to your problems, is usually another problem. You have explored every option and have finally exhausted yourself. Instead of running, you have finally learned to sit still and look for yourself (without escaping). It is much harder to figure out what you want, when you continuously jump from one thing to the next.

You are finally sticking to one thing and giving it your whole heart. Pisces is done experimenting, they are ready to commit. With that being said, they have no idea how to do this (because they never have..) Like Capricorn says “practice makes perfect”. Pisces have some catching up to do on adulting, but that is okay we all run at different paces. However, unlike other signs, Pisces has no regrets.

Pisces truly live their best life every day. They love experiencing all that life has to offer. While other people could criticize them on “not being enough of a grown-up”, Pisces wouldn’t want that “boring 9-5 adult life” anyways. Pisces are huge dreamers, which is why they are usually misunderstood. Not everyone can grasp the mind of an artist. Some people are far too cynical to understand Pisces aspirations. While Pisces can be emotional, they are quite good at not letting other people tear them down. Pisces are not here to impress you. They actually hate know-it alls, so if you dismiss them (it actually helps them). Pisces will do anything to prove a naysayer wrong.

In 2022 Pisces learned while passion is important, so is focus. Once they dedicate their energy to one main thing over six little things, they will be unstoppable. While emotional intelligence is significant, they also need to learn how to be rationale. They are very intuitive, but that will only get you so far. Ideas do not get past the light bulb stage, without a plan. Do not let your laziness make you settle to mediocrity. You are better than that Pisces.


The truth is Cancer you are the most sensitive sign, but you hate for anyone to know that. Half the time you put on this fake facade of “pretending not to care”, which only leaves you more hurt. When you do not speak up, nothing changes. If you do not express when people hurt you, they will believe their behaviour is acceptable. If you keep reassuring people that “everything is okay”…even when it is not, people will continue to hurt you.

Speaking up does not make you weak, staying silent makes you weak. There is a time and place for everything. You do need to choose your battles, however, you can not always roll over and let your pride win. You are truly inhibiting yourself, by holding back. By keeping your cool you are losing a whole lot more. Subconsciously you sabotage yourself before you even get started. You care way too much about how other people perceive you. Stop looking at them, it is making you trip before you can walk.

You need to realize the only person’s opinion that matters is yours Cancer. Do not be afraid to chase after what you love (even if it could be the unconventional/unpopular choice). Once you stop trying to please others, you will be less insecure. Do what you want, when you want it. The people who love you for who you are, will still be there (even if you stop baking them cookies).

2022 was the year you took off. You made a huge risk, and we are all proud of you. Yet the question is Cancer…. are you going to keep this up? Or are you going to go back to your old doormat ways? Do not let this newfound discovery just be an escape. This change was a crossroads for you, and it is your choice of where to go from here. Decide what you want for once, not what everyone else wants for you. Only you know how to make yourself happy.


Gemini your split personality has the tendency to fool people (you can even fool yourself). The sign of the twin, Gemini meets somewhere in the middle between heaven and hell. You are in a constant battle with your conscience and your desires. Your passion versus being practical. Slow and steady wins the race or jumping off a plane? The problem is Gemini, you are always torn. You are in a constant torment between your conflicting traits. You are impossible to predict because you barely know what is going on. Geminis are the Alice and Wonderland of the zodiac. They are extremely curious, but their endeavors usually just leave them more dazed and confused than when they started. They are a ping pong going back and forth until the death of them.

You are a quick learner and you adapt even faster. Gemini is a sight for sore eyes in any social setting, they always find an unique way to capture everyone’s attention. You have many different worlds Gemini, and you are a master in all of them. However, nothing in your life currently fits. Everything is in conflict with each other. It is time to make those tough choices you were avoiding. You can no longer get away with balancing everything. Gemini is a master juggler, but even you are about to drop the ball. You need to figure out which lifestyle works for you because you do not have the energy to keep running around anymore. You are jeopardizing all your options, by not making a decision. Not everyone is going to wait for you Gemini. You may lose people if you treat them like options and not priorities.

2022 was the year of clean up for Gemini. They made those dreaded decisions and cut out a lot of the fat in their life. It is hard to let go Gemini, but it is harder to keep holding on. This year will be tough, but you will thank yourself later for it. Remember Gemini, the truth will set you free.


You always have your eye on the ball Aries. Your determination is nothing to be reckoned with, however, your self-control could use some work. When everything is going your way Aries, you are a delight to be around. The hostess with the mostess, the belle of the ball, but this is the best case scenario. Sometimes your spit of fire can reign terror and not passion. You are a superhero Aries, use your powers for good not evil.

When the world is tearing you down, do not tear someone else down to make yourself feel better. Do not point fingers, look into the mirror. Once you learn humility, you will be free of your own ego. Admitting those hard truths to yourself, won’t be as hard as you think. You will feel a great relief, once you stop hiding behind others and take responsibility for your actions.

This year was the year that your lies came down like a house of cards. But, it’s okay you are an Aries…. you pick yourself up better than anyone. You are an unstoppable nature, when your mind is clear. Aries are very goal-oriented. If their focus is directed positively (not out of spite) then their results should be successful. Do things for yourself Aries, not to prove a point.


“Expectation is the root of all heartache” William Shakespeare.

No one has higher expectations than a Scorpio. Aries, Capricorn, and Scorpio are all intense goal-oriented signs, which is why they could find themselves more easily disappointed. They work so hard and usually it all pays off. However, the odd time that it does not, their world can come crashing down. Scorpios are not used to failing. This is unacceptable to them. They have a picture of the way their life is supposed to look. They have an image they want to uphold. However, the masques Scorpio wears are about to come off.

While Scorpio is one of the most honest signs (sometimes a little too brutally honest), they have been holding things in this year (which is unlike them). Their bottled emotions are finally about to burst, they can not live with secrets. Unfortunately, not everyone can appreciate your honesty, your truths might bury you. Not everyone is as strong as you Scorpio, some people like to live in an ignorance is bliss bubble. Yet Scorpios hates white lies more than anything. They will not be able to breathe again, until they release themselves from their own guilt.

Some people will appreciate your courage for being truthful Scorpio, and some people simply won’t…sometimes pride overrides love. We can not always come back. It is lonely on the top Scorpio.

In 2022 Scorpio unleashed themselves from their sins. Some people forgave them, some people couldn’t. The most important lesson is, Scorpio is learning to forgive themselves. You can not get anywhere if you continue to beat yourself up. The past is in the past. 2023 is a new year. Your ghosts only follow you, if you let them.