Sometimes You Have To Let Go Of The Wrong Person To Wait For The Right One

“Two things you will never have to chase: true friends and true love.” ― Mandy Hale

 Opening up is a risk.

A risk of being misunderstood.

A risk of being seen as you are and being swept off your feet.

A risk of being rejected, or even worse, not given an opportunity to see where the relationship could have continued to bloom.

However, the narrative has changed because she now knows when to let people go. She will no longer allow relationships to fade into the dark. She faces the difficult moment head on and expresses her emotions. She knows how to gracefully pack up her emotions and continue her path. She may have tears in her eyes. She is not only okay with it, but unapologetic for expressing her emotions. Holding back her tears is no longer an option.

She liked him. She connected with him like she hadn’t with another person before.

There were so many things she wanted to explore with him. She didn’t think a half-hearted connection was one of them.

So, it’s with a knot in her chest that she says goodbye. Her heart recognizes kind and soft connections. Along with those rare connections, she seeks peace in a meaningful relationship.

She will no longer stand by for the moment when he tells her that another woman has caught his eye. When we truly care about a person those experiences are categorized as heartaches.

Maybe she shouldn’t have shared so much about her past.

Maybe there were things he silently tested her on and she failed.

Or maybe, the connection for him is less than his willingness to explore something good.

Something soft.

Something genuine.

Or maybe he was just a person to show her that she now has the bravery to close doors and no longer wait around for others to value all that she brings into other’s lives.

She knows that she isn’t stuck and will no longer accept patterns of behavior that don’t serve her and only bring harm.

So, she throws in the towel and walks away knowing that one day the right person will know the diamond of a woman they have in front of them. They will give themselves without reservations.

She doesn’t chase; instead, she waits. Waits for the person that wants her as much as she wants them.