Jonas Horsch

Tarot Reading: Where Every Zodiac Can Find Freedom Soon

Many countries celebrate their independence during the month of July, including Canada, France, and the United States. Here’s a Tarot reading that shows where every zodiac can gain a greater measure of freedom. Breaking away from oppressive people, confining situations, and oppressive beliefs can make this month a wonderful turning point for every sign. Let freedom ring!


Nine of Swords – After lots of sleepless nights and pointless worrying, Rams can cultivate peace of mind this month. As soon as this zodiac stops envisioning the worse case scenario and starts living in their desired end, scarcity will turn to abundance.


Death – A major cycle will end for Taurus, and not a moment too soon. Although Bulls are slow to embrace change, this transition will feel empowering. Moving to a new home, leaving a toxic relationship, or quitting a stressful job are among the possibilities.


The Sun – The Twins can leave darkness behind and bask in the light. Instead of assuming a serious, buttoned-up attitude at the office, Gemini can take a playful approach to work. Rather than trying to appear sophisticated, this zodiac can put their youthful enthusiasm on display.


Nine of Cups – Finally, Cancer can embrace their heart’s desire, instead of suppressing it. Crabs have a golden opportunity to manifest a cherished wish. All this zodiac must do is replace hope with faith. Instead of yearning for what they want,  Cancer should assume their wish has already been granted.


Temperance – Lions can finally jump off an emotional rollercoaster and land in a soft field of clover. Lately, this zodiac has felt as though they’ve been held hostage by a volatile situation. That will change this July, when Leo decides to create their reality, rather than react to unfavorable circumstances. 


Knight of Pentacles – After a period of stagnation, life will finally move forward for Virgo. Moving into an exciting romance, getting a great job, or recovering from a persistent illness are among the exciting possibilities. It looks money will flow more quickly into the Virgin’s bank account, too. 


Two of Cups – Libra can experience freedom by joining hearts with someone who loves them just as they are. Instead of trying to become their love interest’s perfect partner, this zodiac can enjoy a relationship that is based in mutual respect and acceptance. 


Queen of Cups – Scorpions have a delicious opportunity to break out of a confining work or academic environment. This is a real relief, as it allows Scorpio to operate on instinct, rather than follow orders from people who are narrow-minded and untalented.


Queen of Pentacles – Finally, Sagittarius will have the necessary resources to enjoy life in style. Although this zodiac isn’t terribly materialistic, they do like to relax and have fun. Having money in the bank will be incredibly liberating for Archers, allowing them to indulge their wild side. 


Six of Pentacles – Rather than covering financial shortfalls for others, Capricorns will receive some generous gifts, free dinners, and complimentary passes. This is a welcome change of pace for the hard-working Goat, who often dips into their own pocket to treat friends who are down on their luck.  


Two of Pentacles – Water-bearers can breathe a sigh of relief, as it won’t feel like they’re walking a tightrope this July. Their life-work balance will give them more time to relax, have fun, and spend time with loved ones. Additionally, their finances will finally stabilize. 


Four of Wands – After being the bridesmaid for everyone in their social circle, Pisces will finally become the bride. Breaking free of the shadows and stepping into the spotlight will be a welcome change for the Fish, who often feels eclipsed by flashier members of the zodiac.