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Tarotscope For Today: Monday, April 1, 2024

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Your Cards: Nine of Swords

Be wary of frenemies. The toxic individuals in your network who play nice but only so that they can exploit you. The people we hold closest are also the ones who have the power to hurt us the most. Today, Mercury begins its retrograde in your sign until April 25th. Be careful with which secrets you tell and who you tell. Giving away too much may end up biting you in the ass later on. You might be hearing that your name is going around in other people’s drama. Whatever it is, don’t let it discourage you. Use it to your advantage, Aries and you’ll be able to get the last laugh. 


Your Cards: The Chariot

I think a way to summarize your day would be home away from home. That is what The Chariot card seems to be indicating to you today. Taurus, you might be feeling particularly distant from your roots. Perhaps you live far from your immediate family. Or perhaps it’s not so much that the faces you surround yourself with are strangers, but today they might feel like strangers. In some way or another, you may be hearing from someone. They may bring with them a sense of home away from home. You’ll be able to find a sense of familiarity in the unknown today. 


Your Cards: Five of Swords

One of your most powerful traits, Gemini, is your unwavering perseverance in your quest to achieve your goals. You often go the distance compared to other signs. But today you might be dealing with the past. Have you stepped over the wrong people for the wrong reasons to get to where you are? Perhaps not maliciously but have you been so focused on yourself and the things that you want that you’ve forgotten to return the favor? Today is a great day to show appreciation for the people who have helped you and have rooted for your success. With the Five of Swords, it is a reminder not to let your ambitions dissuade you from what is important. Sometimes we are so blinded by the things that we want, that we forget that the emotional aftermath is never worth the reward. 


Your Cards: Six of Wands

Not to scare you or have you put your guard up Cancer, but today you might find yourself questioning the motivations or intentions of someone relatively new in your life. You’re such a warm and inviting person. It’s easy for others to be attracted to the sense of familiarity you project. However, there may be someone you’re just starting to get to know who may not be the person they portray themselves as. You’re always so willing to give so much of yourself to help others but be careful with this one. You don’t know them yet. Take some time to understand who this person is and what they are after.


Your Cards: Three of Pentacles

Today is about finishing the things you’ve started, Leo. Shut off your cell phone, and don’t allow anyone inside. You are being encouraged to hunker down and accomplish great things that you are passionate about. The more you can zero yourself in on whatever you’re trying to create, the more well-received it will be. You have made promises and obligations to others that you must keep. Don’t let the mundane or petty hold you back. 


Your Cards: King of Pentacles

Be proud of yourself today, Virgo. Earlier in the year, you made a plan for yourself. You took account of all the ways you could do better. It is April, 1st, and though the year is nowhere near over, you’ve done a lot of the things you said you would. You made a list and as each day passes you find yourself checking off accomplishment after accomplishment. Celebrate the small wins today, Virgo, because these small wins will turn into bigger wins. Before you realize it, you’ll become the person you’re meant to become. With the King of Pentacles, you’re not only able to provide for yourself but perhaps you also have something to share with others. This will make you a richer person. Keep working hard, you’ll find your stamina increase and you’ll accomplish things you didn’t know you were capable of. 


Your Cards: Seven of Cups

With the Seven of Cups, be on the lookout, Libra. If you encounter something or someone today that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t make any rash decisions. Let things that are happening fully materialize first. Perhaps you’ve been spending some time hoping and praying for something to manifest. Or you’ve been putting your energy towards a specific outcome. Today it may feel as if your prayers have finally been answered. I’m not saying that they haven’t been answered, what I’m saying is don’t put all your eggs in one basket right now. You have time to make a decision. For now, keep doing what you’ve been doing and let the pieces fall into place as they will. 


Your Cards: The Hanged Man

You had a whole day planned for yourself Scorpio. You meticulously created your checklist to make the most of today. Perhaps you’re feeling as if the year has been moving too fast and too slow at the same time. The Hanged Man tarot card is asking you to consider things from an alternative perspective. Though you had the best intentions to make today a highly productive day, that just might now be the case, and for good reason. I think you’re meant for something else today. You’re unconventional. You don’t have to subscribe to the world’s idea of hyperproductivity and getting a million things done just to feel accomplished. It’s not who you are. Rest is just as productive as getting through that to-do list. You don’t have to be someone you’re not. Take today to figure out how to make your goals and what you want, work for you.


Your Cards: Queen of Cups

With the Queen of Cups, you’re feeling extra psychic today. Whatever inklings you’re sensing of the day or of the people around you, trust it. The Queen of Cups stands right at the edge of conscious and subconscious thought. You will find yourself able to read the subtext of people’s actions more easily. Don’t feel like you need to play the moderator, however. Just allow yourself to feel and think and mull over these thoughts and emotions. 


Your Cards: Eight of Swords

You’ve been experiencing a lot of upward momentum, Capricorn. Accomplishing the goals you’ve set for yourself since the beginning of the year. Every day, you’ve slowly been chipping away at the pieces of yourself that you no longer identify with to make way for a better you. However, with the Eight of Swords, you may find yourself feeling a bit stuck. Like you’re losing some of that momentum. There seems to be a part of you that you are still unable to let go of. You’ve been letting so much of yourself go, you fear that giving up too much will completely change who you are at your core. Don’t let this scare you. You’re not changing the core of who you are, you’re just letting go of the pieces that no longer service you. This is necessary in your next great positive steps. 


Your Cards: Ace of Swords

You seem to have been intentionally distracting yourself from a truth you don’t yet want to face, Aquarius. Perhaps you’ve been using what are typically healthy means of coping in an almost obsessive and destructive way. What is it that you don’t want to face? Is there a certain idea or thought that you wish not to entertain? It won’t hurt you if you do. With the Ace of Swords, you’re being asked to consider different ideas and frames of thought. Stop hiding from whatever it is you’re avoiding emotionally speaking. 


Your Cards: Ace of Pentacles

Today marks a new beginning for you in the material world. Where you feel most grounded is where you will find yourself planting the most seeds for a prosperous and abundant tomorrow. Nurture the small beginnings today, Pisces. Understand that things take time and no great success will happen overnight but make the small investments today and every day and before you know it, a small seed no bigger than the size of a pebble, can become a beautiful and bountiful tree.