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Tarotscope For Today: Thursday, May 23, 2024

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Your card: Nine of Cups, reversed

The nine of cups is asking you to look inward today, Aries. Things might be going smoothly for you on the outside, but are you happy with the way your life is going right now? Is there something that’s stopping you from finding true contentment? You’re great at going after the things you want, but you aren’t always sure what to do if it doesn’t bring the satisfaction you were expecting—or, on the other hand, if you fall short of your own expectations. Right now, stop comparing yourself to others and forget what you think you should want. Focus on what brings your soul peace.


Your card: Eight of Cups

Today’s energy is all about moving on from the things that are no longer serving you, Taurus. Sometimes this means leaving behind heavy energies, which can be a difficult task initially, as the disappointment or even feelings of failure can weigh on your mind. But be strong and keep going—you’ll be surprised how weightless you begin to feel with every step you take. This card isn’t asking you to avoid your problems but to look them head on and take the time to recognize what is no longer working.


Your card: Strength

Today you’ll have to call upon your inner strength, Gemini. The good news is that you have it in abundance right now—this is a sign that you’re stepping into your power, ready to take on anything that comes your way. Whatever comes your way, you’ll still be standing tall through it all, ready to come out the other side victorious. Just be sure to be kind to yourself and practice self-care when you get the chance—it’s not always easy being the strong one.


Your card: Three of Pentacles

Today is going to require some collaboration on your part, Cancer. You may be working as part of a team or realizing that it’s time for you to ask others for help with something. Even if you’re sure you know best, take the time to listen to those around you and learn from what they have to say. You might be surprised what a little teamwork can bring to the table.


Your card: Six of Wands, reversed

Today’s theme might revolve around your relationship with success, Leo. You’re not one to shy away from the limelight, but it’s possible that the spotlight isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You might find yourself wanting to keep a personal milestone private right now; alternately, you may realize public recognition isn’t worth the stress or criticism it oftentimes comes with. Whatever it is, you may have to come to terms with the fact that some things are better celebrated on your own, and that your own validation and pride can be enough.


Your card: The Moon

There’s something going on beneath the surface today, Virgo. It’s possible that you are letting fear and anxiety pull you down, even if these feelings are not rooted in reality. This card sometimes comes up when there’s something in your subconscious that’s influencing your behavior, like suppressed emotions or memories; other times, it can simply mean you are not seeing things clearly. This is the time to ground yourself in reality and what is, not in what could be.


Your card: Four of Wands

Today is bringing something to celebrate, Libra. Sometimes this indicates an actual event, like a graduation, a wedding, or a birthday—a concrete celebration that will bring people together. But even if it’s not something as monumental or momentous, you’re still going to have something good to be excited about today, and it’s important you let yourself celebrate the small wins, too. This is a great energy, so enjoy it!


Your card: The Tower

Today might feel shakier than usual, Scorpio. The Tower usually indicates the moment where everything comes crashing down around you—and in the throes of the destruction, you might feel helpless. It’s true that oftentimes when this energy is present, there really is nothing you can do to stop it; however, it’s important to remember that it’s usually for a reason. After all, this card usually indicates that things must fall apart for better things to come together, and that sometimes things must end for you to find the true beginning of your calling. This is the card of a blessing in disguise, so stay strong.


Your card: Ten of Swords

You might find yourself feeling defeated today, Sagittarius. Something has come to an end, but you’re not ready to let go of it gracefully. The energy here is usually one of loss, exhaustion, and even grief—you’re simply not ready to move on, even if that’s the only thing left to do. Be kind to yourself today, because this energy can be overwhelming and is usually an indication that self-care is necessary.


Your card: Six of Pentacles, reversed

Have you been kind to yourself lately, Capricorn? Have you been keeping up with your self-care routines? It’s possible that today is the time to finally step up and show yourself the love you deserve. If things have been difficult, don’t chide yourself for rewarding yourself with a little treat or splurging on something you wouldn’t usually consider buying for yourself. You’re a hard worker and more disciplined than most, but the downside of that is that it’s easier for you to be hard on yourself, too. Give yourself a break and make sure you’re filling your own cup.


Your card: Nine of Wands

You’re getting close to the end of something, Aquarius—you might be just steps away from reaching a goal or days away from something you’ve been looking forward to. You can see the silver lining, the finish line, but sometimes those moments right before you succeed are the most exhausting of all. This is your reminder to keep going, to keep defending yourself until the very end. You’re almost there—instead of giving in to the overwhelm of it all, remind yourself why you were excited to get here in the first place.


Your card: Nine of Pentacles

You’re feeling the abundance more than usual today, Pisces. You’ve worked hard and gotten yourself into a stable place, and you’re finally starting to feel the full extent of the contentment that comes with knowing everything is going to be okay. Enjoy the fruits of your labor—treat yourself if you haven’t allowed yourself to for a while. This is a great energy, and it’s all about letting yourself truly enjoy where you are in life right now.