The 10 Most Maddening Things About Modern Dating (That Need To End)

The 11 Most Maddening Things About Modern Dating (That Need To End)

Modern dating isn’t easy. If you’re single, you’re probably annoyed about how common the following things have become:

“That it’s acceptable for people to just stop responding if you just decide that you’re not interested anymore. I don’t mind if you don’t respond at all to begin with, but once you start a conversation, find a way to politely end it.” — crazymanfish90

“The expectation to have sex relatively early on. I don’t care what others do, until suddenly I’m expected to follow suit.” — killer_rabbit3

“Lying on dating apps. I hate when people put stuff on there as interests that they have no interest in.” — The_Pundertaker

“Probably the fact that there’s a ton of arbitrary unwritten rules and instead of being honest and straightforward people expect others to play these weird games and use cryptic euphemisms and navigate through their imaginary right answer-wrong answer-labyrinths before even agreeing to have a cup of coffee.” — PoorMansTonyStark

“How reliant texting is. I hate texting. Can’t we just have a good conversation in person rather than texting for hours?” — [deleted]

“How casual it is. People will date for two weeks and move onto the next person. I blame the dating apps. They make it so easy to find new people, especially since you are able to hide behind a computer screen or cell phone.” — Gunt_Inspector

“For me, it has to be the disposable nature of dating apps and dating in general. It really makes me feel worthless sometimes. I know better but it still feels shitty. Also, the reluctance of taking the time to build a relationship because instant gratification is more convenient. People can build up a relationship for months and then drop you like trash on the curb overnight. I also have to deal with the reality that I will almost always have to put in more work to find companionship. Most of the time the effort is wasted. Like if I’m not there at the right place at the right time with all the right answers to a test I don’t even know the questions to then I’m still alone at the end of the day. Really makes you feel jaded over time.” — jesuswantsbrains

“It seems to make everyone a lot less willing to commit, or to put any real effort into actually getting to know people. There is too much fear of missing out. Why put any effort into getting to know people when there is always the possibility of bigger and better?” — kengtron3000

“Everyone’s profile starts to read the same exact way after a while so nobody seems all that interesting and you’re right back to basing them on their pictures alone.” — MarinertheRaccoon

“Ghosting. I can’t get a proper rejection since people will assume I’m going to FLIP OUT!” — [deleted]

“The reliance on social dating apps leads many to create a false personality or idea that does not match the real us.” — RedBullUCSB