The 5 Signs That Will Break An Aries’ Heart

The 5 Signs That Will Break An Aries’ Heart


Leos and Aries are both fire signs. They are spontaneous, passionate, and overflowing with energy. These two signs have a wild amount of chemistry. Their flirtatious banter will quickly lead them to the bedroom. After all, they’re both impatient types. They will fall hard and fast. However, their flames of passion might end in an explosion. Both signs have a selfish side. They want to be the center of attention. Aries and Leo might challenge each other a little too much. They might treat each other as competition. Instead of working as a team, as healthy couples do, they’ll want to one-up each other. This can start out fun, but can quickly turn toxic.

(Another) Aries 

Aries tend to fall for other Aries because they have similar interests and values. They will push each other to succeed and cause each other to burst out laughing. Overall, they’ll have a wonderful time together. However, they are way too similar. They’ll have a great time in the bedroom, but they will struggle when it comes to the emotional side of their relationship. They won’t want to talk about their feelings. They will push each other away, emotionally. Neither of them will be the first to say those three little words or apologize after an argument. Even though they make a fun pair, they might not open up enough to survive as a couple.


Aries are adventurous, spontaneous, and opposed to structure. Meanwhile, Capricorn are responsible, loyal, and prefer routine. Aries will be able to trust a Capricorn to treat their heart gently. The emotional side of their relationship will be strong. However, Aries will grow bored with a Capricorn. Even though they’ll probably be the one to end the relationship, their heart will still break. It will hurt them to leave because the relationship is mostly good. They feel safe and secure and appreciated. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough for them. They also need passion.


Aries are brutally honest. They’ll blurt out their feelings without stopping to consider the consequences. However, Geminis are sneakier. They tell little white lies to get their way, or to spare other people’s feelings. Although there will be an immense amount of physical chemistry between these two signs, their personalities are going to clash. Aries will have a hard time learning to trust a Gemini. Unless they make an agreement early on to keep the relationship physical, one of them is going to end up with their heart shattered. And it will probably be Aries. 


A relationship between an Aries and Scorpio will be a roller coaster. On their best days, the pair will enjoy a passionate, steamy romance. But on their bad days, Scorpios will tear apart Aries’ feelings. Both signs are stubborn. When they get into disagreements, neither of them will want to compromise. Their screaming matches will last days, maybe even weeks. When things between these two signs are bad, they’re awful. Plus, Scorpios can be vindictive and hold grudges, so they might make horrible exes. They might continue to break an Aries’ heart, even after the relationship is over.