The Fantasy Relationship You Keep Dreaming Of, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Your fantasy relationship finds you with someone just as independent and passionate as you are. Neither codependent, you both live your separate lives and then come together to share your passions with one another. You coexist comfortably and aren’t afraid to share your feelings, laid bare.


Your fantasy relationship is comfortable and cozy. Your dream partner makes you feel secure, never wondering how they feel or if they love you. You’d spend your free time together, cuddled up by a fire with an array of your favorite snacks. And when it came time for fights, you’d resolve them quickly and quietly.


Your fantasy relationship is always keeping you on your toes. Never boring, your dream partner would be up for anything and always provide stimulating conversation. And even if you’d been together for ages, their flirting game would be so off-the-charts that they’d still give you butterflies.


Your fantasy relationship feels easy–especially when it comes to sharing feelings. Your dream partner will never make you feel silly for having strong emotions about something. In fact, they’ll be feeling it right along with you. And rather than trying to solve everything, they’re just there to listen when that’s all you need.


Your fantasy relationship will have buckets of mutual adoration. You’ll worship each other and lift each other up any time you need a boost. Your dream partner will always notice the things you do, large and small, that make you such a cool person, and they won’t shy away from letting everyone know it, too.


Your fantasy relationship will have controlled chaos. While you like things to be well-planned and executed, your dream partner still provides spontaneous fun when you need it. But at the end of the day, you can still go back to your clean and organized home knowing that everything’s in order–all of which is appreciated by your partner.


Your fantasy relationship will be a big part of your larger social community. Your dream partner will care just as much about your family and friends as you do, ingrained with the group naturally and seamlessly. You’ll have great times as a couple while alone, as well as with the other important people in your life.


Your fantasy relationship will be filled with so much mutual trust and comfort. Not only will you feel comfortable opening up to them, but you’ll also know that you won’t regret spilling your deepest feelings. Your perfect partner won’t judge you or make you feel less-than–they’ll just make you feel whole.


Your fantasy relationship will be filled with adventure and spontaneity. You’ll never have to convince your dream partner to go along with your schemes–they’ll be right there planning them with you. And when you want to pause on all the shenanigans to rest and relax, they’ll be there for that, too.


Your fantasy relationship finds you growing and changing both individually and as a couple. Your dream partner will have big goals for their life and work to achieve them, and both of you will cheerlead each other along the way. You’ll both have similar values and outlooks in life and you’ll work together to get where you both want to go.


Your fantasy relationship will have mutual understanding. Your dream partner will sense how you feel and what you need without you ever needing to say a word. And when you need space, you’ll both happily retreat to your own hobbies knowing that the relationship is still stable, happy, and secure.


Your fantasy relationship will be sumptuous and decadent. Your dream partner will make you feel worshiped and loved. You’ll never have to wonder how they feel about you, because they’ll make every effort to let it be known in the exact ways that are perfect for your love language.